Jalaluddin Rumi- The poet who could see

Today, I remember a very beautiful couplet from famous Sufi mystics, Jalaluddin Rumi. Rumin was a poet who had seen the truth. There are many people who are good poet. Also, there are some people who have seen. But this combination is very rare. Combination of poet and mystic. The couplet of Jalaluddin Rumi says,

It is good to leave each day behind…..

Like flowing water free of sadness….

Yesterday is gone and it is tale told,

Today, the new seeds are growing.

Though, this couplet sounds to be a simple one, many beautiful truths can be found out in it. Jalaliddin Rumi says, “Like flowing water free of sadness..” Why the water is free of sadness? The reason is it is flowing. Sadness is nothing but attachment. Flowing water is not attached and hence free of silence. If Jalaluddin Rumi would have not been mystic, instead of present, he would have focussed on future. But, Jalaluddin Rumi says, today, seeds are growing. Future is nothing but the present. Rumi could see this fact that future as such has no meaning. It is present which gives out a fruitful future…….






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