Meeting with remarkable man i.e. with Gurdjieff

Meetings with remarkable men is a really wonderful book.

Too difficult too grasp even though it is made much simpler by gurdjieff,the author  of the book and very famous mystic,famous for his absurd behavior.The book covers a lot of personalities which he calls as ‘remarkable’.

Gurdjieff was really a remarkable mystic.He used every possible way ,for example way of dance,music and the most important ,the way of absurdity.Thats why i love him.He knew that eternal can be indicated only through absurdities rather than through a constant theory.

Many stories of him are famous of the great torture  his disciples used to undergo.But it should be remembered that he never wished to harass or trouble them,rather blessed were those who had a fortune of being troubled by him!This meeting with Gurdjieff through his own book was really remarkable.The honesty and truthfulness of this man really makes us to feel ashamed of us.There are many disciples of Gurdjieff defaming him as a absurd and cunning man.

But gurdjieff,I love your absurdity and also your so called cunningness!






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  1. nikhil bellarykar Avatar

    very well written indeed. btw have you heard about Gurudev Ranade, i.e. R.D. Ranade, another great mystic, who was famous as the author of books like “A constructive survey of Upanishadik philosophy”, “Pathway to God in Marathi/Hindi/Kannada literature”??’I presume you do. If not, please try to go to Nimbal and visit his Ashram atleast once.

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar
      Mandar Karanjkar

      thanks a lot for your information….i will try to get the book as soon as possible…….recently we had invited swami jagannath kunte in our institute…..under philosophy group……

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