My speech at CoEP: Three Pieces of Advise for the Youth


A couple of days ago, I was invited to the college from where I passed out,  to be a jury for a debate competition. The competition went on for the entire day and finally got over. It was quite interesting to listen to the various view points.  The topics of debate ranged from Grindr,  a dating app for homosexuals to weighted votes. The day fruitful, in short.

At the end, there was the prize distribution ceremony where I was requested to share  some words of advise for the students. As many students are a constant stream of readers of this blog, I thought of sharing what I spoke there through this short post.

The first thing that I clarified was the fact that information is now easily available and hence, it is no more valued as much as it used to be. This  elevates the responsibility that youth or everyone has. You have to  move to the next level, where instead of just giving information, you process it or add your own wisdom to share some insights.

I also asked them to be more sensitive. Sensitivity is probably, the most sought after skill these days. Don’t be sensitive because a sensitive person is sought after. Sensitivity is what defines a human being. In short words, the advise was, love more, care more and feel more.

The third piece of advise asked them to experience the world without any prejudices or restrictions. Try to get as many experiences possible as they make us rich.

I think these three things are probably the most required ones by the society from the youth.






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