Oh my dark night….

I dance with you, my dark night

In the dancing, remains only light…..

I was running, away from you

Again and again trapped by you….

You are such a lover with your frightening silence

I was being coward, trapped in my own fence….

Today I gathered the courage to look in your eyes

I saw your light, and started to fly….

Light is impotent, you have courage to melt

An insight you have to loosen every belt….

Molten is every belt, I now know where I dwelt

You mirrored me in reality what I really felt….

So mysterious you are yet so much revealing,

Everyone should in you go on believing….

I love you my night, I love your splendour,

In this journey of melting is there any or?

Your darkness has beauty to make me light

In your eternal light, I am having a flight……






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  1. kanchi Avatar

    tender…. amazingly tender…

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