Pt. Jasraj- An eternal song

Very few vocalists today can spell magic on the listeners. I many times,I get quite down when I listen to vocalists today.  classical vocalists of today’s generation just sing but striking thing is they have nothing to sing. When I listen to them, it sounds like just a flow of notes; it can be a skillful, fast flow but it lacks soul. The notes sound to be hollow, empty and dry. May be this generation of artists looks at music in a very practical way, may be as career or as a hobby or anything. The attitude of looking at music as life, as worship, as something divine is missing and it gets reflected in the performances.

Those who feel that I am talking something vague, should listen to the performance of Pt. Kumar Gandharva or Pt. Jasraj. Our generation is not fortunate enough to attend live concert by Pt. Kumar Gandharva but still we have seen Pt. Jasraj performing many times. Pt. Jasraj always sings some eternal song.  Whatever Raga or Bhajan he sings, it has some eternal longung inside it. Voice of Pt. Jasraj has very special quality. A simple note sung by Pt. Jasraj can shake up the vibes of universe. Pt. Jasraj has something to share from his performances. Whatever he sings is not only a sequence of notes but it is a downpour of feelings.

Even at the age of 83, Pt. Jasraj is a magic weaver.







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