Salt doll and the salty sea….

Ramkrishna Paramhansa, one of the greatest souls this earth has ever seen, was famous for using easy to understand parables. Very complicated questions were being asked to him. These questions were from illiterate people, professors from different universities, profound thinkers and many different qualities of people. These questions, though difficult to understand, and yet more difficult to answer, were answered by him in moments with the help of small parables.

Once, he was asked, what exactly happens at the time of enlightenment. Rakrishna said laughingly, it is like a salt doll going to survey the sea. The doll dissolves and there is no one to answer what happens. The salt doll becomes just one with the whole sea; in the same way, the one who is enlightened, becomes one with the whole, completely dissolved in it. And hence, there remains no one to answer.

Kabira, when asked about his experience of enlightenment,  said that it was like a complete ocean accommodating itself in a small drop. In either of the cases, the duality vanishes, and what remains, is divine.






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