simplicity?? It is not so simple….

Simplicity has been the one of the most praised values.  Many of the times, persons are judged simply on the basis of their innocence rather than any other qualities. It has been a common observation that the simple things appeal us more than anything. We are in general attracted to small babies, animals; puppies are always the centre of human adoration. The only reason for this is that they are simple and natural.

Not so simple…….

But yes, this simplicity, though quite attractive, is out of two different reasons. The one is ignorance and another is innocence. Most of the times, the simplicity we encounter, is out of ignorance. The simplicity of babies, animals, and puppies is nothing but out of their ignorance. Many philosophers have been quite envious of animals, because they are so simple and so satisfied. But Socrates says that, “I will love to die as an unsatisfied human rather than to die as a satisfied donkey.”

Babies are happy, because, there is no awareness. As awareness is there, the conflict starts, between parts inside us. Then we have to work on this, try hard, suffering a lot, and meditating a lot. Then again comes the simplicity. This simplicity has a very different value. The value of innocence rather than that of ignorance. This simplicity coming out of the innocence is really worth worshipping.

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