Something about happiness that everyone should know!

Do you really want to be happy?

Everyone is traveling towards the happiness.  you might be running behind money, i behind publicity and someone else behind respect. Apparently we’re running behind different things but ultimately the goal is one- happiness.


Have a look at poor iilliterate farmer and a qualified and educated young man. Both are equally thirsty for happiness. Some people get happiness out of sadness and we call them sadists. Some get it out of educating (or rather troubling) others and are grossly known as professors. you ask anyone around and he will accept that happiness is what he is seeking. The story is quite clear up to this point. The aching part is, why no one around us is happy? To be more realistic, only a tiny fraction of human beings attains what is called as happiness. this again makes us think. Are we on some wrong way? Is the path wrong or the method? Where is the missing key?

A common question which is raised by audience at different talks I give is the same.

Does the happiness really exist in this world?
How many lives does one have to live in hardships to get happiness?
Is there anyone who has been absolutely happy?

These are the aggravated forms of the same question. If we have a closer look at this problem, many striking things come up.

Happiness is different for everyone.

Imitation will never bring you happiness. Happiness is something customized, if I can use that word.
Happiness is not  born out of imitating another happy person. Everyone has to walk a different way to reach this temple of happiness. If you dig a bit, you can easily see that saddest persons are those who blindly copied other person’s acts to be happy. First step to be happy is to understand that happiness is dynamic and different for different persons.

Another point to look at, happiness can never  arise out of comparison. It arises only out of knowing the self.

Happiness comes out of understanding

A general misconception is seen to exist as far as cost of happiness is concerned. We tend to think that happiness is something which comes free of cost. It is not so. Time is the cost which you have to pay for being happy. To be more specific, you have to spend time to gain the understanding which takes you towards happiness. Yes we want happiness, but how much time do we spend to understand what is happiness and how to attain it? They say the very effort to be happy stops you from being happy. Man cannot be happy just with tons of money, respect or luxury. Man has to understand and then get rid of his own mind to be happy. He should experience and then be in tune with some eternal truths of life.

One who clings to security can never be happy. The one who hates change  can never be happy. The toughest part is, we cannot be in time with these facts if we have not experienced them or realized them totally. Time, efforts and awareness are must to develop the understanding which take us to happiness.

Nothing is permanent and happiness is not an exception

We all have tasted many moments of happiness in or lives. We reach a point where we are in the state of happiness and then suddenly something happens and it slips away. Happiness is not a state which you have to achieve just once and then forget about it. It is a phenomenon arising out of awareness, demanding 24 hours of awareness and understanding a day. A moment of delusion or negligence is enough to take away the happiness!






5 responses to “Something about happiness that everyone should know!”

  1. ghansham Avatar

    What is the opinions of the saintly persons like Kabir, Sant Tukaram, Shankaracharya.etc

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Dear Ghanshyam,
      Thanks for comment.

      Actually, i have not studies Saint Tukaram in that detail. As far as Kabir is concerned, happiness is something which comes out of remembering Ram- which means the one who is enjoying all the pleasures (Mane Ramati iti Ram). He has not spoken anything actually about happiness as such. He says do Sumiran, then there is no when u can be sad.

      SHankaracharya was monist- advaitvadi. Unioin with the divine was ultimate bliss for him.


  2. Shri Ram Ayyangar Avatar

    Happiness in my opinion is state of mind.

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Dear Mr. Shri Ram,

      As you have rightly said, happiness is simply a state of mind. I also feel that it is also impossible to have a same state of mind all all the time- thats what makes happiness dynamic.

      Thanks for your comment!


  3. sujata siddha Avatar

    Very True !..Happiness lies in mind & not outside .

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