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Accept whatever comes

Life is never in a fixed way or patterns. everything is uncertain, everything is momentous. To accept life in its totality is the true acceptance. This acceptance gives you key to remain blissful in whatever situation comes.

We are not good acceptors. We go on demanding. To accept things which come in the way requires tremendous courage. It seems contradictory. Generally we think that to try to change the situation, rebel against it requires the courage. We always assign virtue to bravery and offensive tendencies. The real qualities which need bravery are always considered to be symptoms of weakness.

To accept life in its light and darkness, valleys and peaks requires tremendous patience and courage. One more point to onote is, any quality which is developed through acceptance has grace with it. If I am not feeling like writing for some days, there are two ways which I can try. One is that I can try writing forcibly and the another one is, that I accept this non creativity in its totality. if this non creativity is accepted, it in due time gives birth to creativity which is not of this world. This creativity coming out of the acceptance of the non creativity will have different grace and authenticity.

So, just accept. Accept whatever comes in your way. If you accept totally, this very acceptance will bring the creativity out.