Tag: Famous Philosophers

  • The ultimate method

    Whenever I need genuine meaning and authentic commentary on works of any of the saints, I try to find out what Osho says about the person. He has the ability to understand and put in words what the saint exactly wanted to say. The tragedy is, we can only read the works of many great […]

  • J. Krishnamurti : the most perfect

    There is a beautiful story about Buddha. It is said that when Buddha attained enlightenment, he reached the gate of heaven. When guards at heaven opened the doors to welcome Buddha, it was found that Buddha was standing there with his back pointing to the entrance of heaven looking at the earth. The door keepers […]

  • The birth of tragedy by Nietzsche

    Friedrich Nietzsche has been one of the men who influence me o lot; or rather I would like say, Nietzsche is the one of the persons who touches my heart. Nietzsche was awarded doctorate and was accepted as a Professor at the very age of 25. This had raised eyebrows of many people. After being […]