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Can you measure creativity?

I enjoyed a long discussion which went on on a forum. The topic of the discussion was- Can we measure creativity. The most of the replies posted in the forum said that yes, it can be measured. On the other hand, we had a few members who thought that measuring creativity is very difficult task. The reason given by these persons was that creativity is too subjective to be measured. There are so many parameters to determine.

All these members were of opinion that to measure creativity, you will have to understand too many factors- the field of the idea, the people who will be touched by the idea, the problems which will be solved using the idea and etc.

I had a totally different take on the issue. According to me, yes, it is very difficult to measure the creativity. The funny fact is, the person who is creative, he never bothers about measuring the creativity of the idea. As expected, this was questioned by many members and I was asked for an explanation.

To answer the question, I had to take help of Kabir. Kabir has written many two liner poems. All these poems are source of innovation. But, Kabir himself never analyzed his two liners. Many persons have analyzed them. We have persons who have done PhDs and written lengthy thesis on these two liners. But what about Kabir? He never bothered about analyzing. He was creative in a true sense. A creative person never bother about measuring creativity.

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The Kabir way of Love…..

We usually say that education solves the problem. Down the ages, we can see how futile this sentence is. Education was thought to be the answer of all the problems. But, it can be seen that education is simply taking away us from the reality, authenticity, simplicity and beauty of the natural things.

The biggest proof of my above mentioned fact is, man is not able to love. Yes, man can think about love, he can write glorified poems about love, he can write books about love, but he cannot love. Today, we learned people do not know what is love, so here I am putting a simple two lines about love, written by an uneducated poet of India, Kabir.

प्रे प्याला जो पिये, शीश दक्षिणा देय लोभी शीश दे सके, नाम प्रे का लेय

What this uneducated mystic has understood about love, that we learned people cannot understand and even if we understand, we are far away from putting it in our lives. Kabir says, the one who drinks glass of love, gives away his glass. He just shares it. He himself drinks and at the glass he gives away. For someone else to drink. And what is love? This tendency of sharing is love. Kabir says, the mediocre person cannot gives away the glass. He just wants the love. He does not care about sharing it, spreading it.

I wonder for the vision of this uneducated mystic, Kabir. Some four hundred years ago he commented over the most dominant love problem in today’s age. This is the problem wit hour love today- We do not want to share love. We want to get it but are not giving it back.

This two liner of Kabir is an ultimate solution to all the relationship problems our generation faces. Love people in Kabir way….

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