Can you measure creativity?

I enjoyed a long discussion which went on on a forum. The topic of the discussion was- Can we measure creativity. The most of the replies posted in the forum said that yes, it can be measured. On the other hand, we had a few members who thought that measuring creativity is very difficult task. The reason given by these persons was that creativity is too subjective to be measured. There are so many parameters to determine.

All these members were of opinion that to measure creativity, you will have to understand too many factors- the field of the idea, the people who will be touched by the idea, the problems which will be solved using the idea and etc.

I had a totally different take on the issue. According to me, yes, it is very difficult to measure the creativity. The funny fact is, the person who is creative, he never bothers about measuring the creativity of the idea. As expected, this was questioned by many members and I was asked for an explanation.

To answer the question, I had to take help of Kabir. Kabir has written many two liner poems. All these poems are source of innovation. But, Kabir himself never analyzed his two liners. Many persons have analyzed them. We have persons who have done PhDs and written lengthy thesis on these two liners. But what about Kabir? He never bothered about analyzing. He was creative in a true sense. A creative person never bother about measuring creativity.

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