Kabir ke Dohe: Bura Dekhan Jo Mai Chala: Kabir on Social Change

बुरा जो देखन मैं चला, बुरा न मिलिया कोई।  जो मन खोजा अपना, तो मुझसे बुरा न कोई।। (I started searching for the devil but could not find anyone. When I searched inside me, realized, no one is more devilish then me.) This Doha of Kabir nowhere talks about change. Still, I have titled it as a […]

Kabir Doha on Awareness: नींद निशानी मौत की, उठ कबीरा जाग

नींद निशानी मौत की, उठ कबीरा जाग, और रसायन छाँड़िके, नाम रसायन लाग (Unawareness is a sign of death, wake up, Kabira! Leave aside all the drugs and practice the drug of meditation ) It has been quite a few weeks and I have not written anything on Kabir. Today, a friend of mine asked […]

Kabir Ke Dohe: सुखिया सब संसार है Kabir Doha on Finding True Happiness:

Kabir has spoken a lot about man and his sleep and his hunger. In the last Doha of Kabir on time management, he tells us how the hunger and lack of awareness waste our entire lives. Isn’t it quite interesting to know what happens to the one who is awake? The one who has come […]

Kabir Doha on Time Management

रात गवाई सोय के, दिवस गावाया खाय I हिरा जन्म अनमोल था, कोडी बदले जाय I (You waste the night sleeping and the day eating. The precious life which you have got, will be of no use!) This is a wonderful Kabir Doha on time management. Do we know the cost of time which we […]

Kabir Doha on Relationship: Kabir Khada Bazaar Mein

कबीर खडा बझार में, मांगे सबकी खैर ना काहु से दोस्ती, ना काहु से बैर Kabir says: “I stand in a market place and I desire the welfare of all. I am neither looking for any friendship, nor am I an enemy to any one.” I am sure this is the right time to share this […]

Doha of Kabir on Greed : Avoid Comparison

रुखा सुखा खाईके ठंडा पानी पी | देख पराई चुपडी, मत ललचा जी | [Eat dry and simple food and drink cold water. Do not look at the buttered bread of others and long for it.]   After many days, today I am all set to write about this Kabir Doha on greed. The literal […]

Kabir on truth – Doha #8 [Truth and Falsity]

सांच बराबर तप नही, झूठ बराबर पाप । जाके हिरदय म साच है, ताके हिरदय हिर आप [There is no meditation is effective as truth and no sin as grave as falsity. Lord is present in the heart of one, whose heart is filled with truth.] Once again, Kabir left me speechless. I have a […]

Dohe of Kabir-7(Rare is the birth as a human being)

दुर्लभ मनुस्या जीवन है,देह न बरम्बार । तरुवर ज्यों पत्ती झड़े,बहुरि न लागे डार ॥ Meaning –  Rare is the birth as a human being and one does not again again gets this human body. Once a leaf is detached from the trunk, cannot be joint back again. In these two lines, Saint Kabir points […]

Can you measure creativity?

I enjoyed a long discussion which went on on a forum. The topic of the discussion was- Can we measure creativity. The most of the replies posted in the forum said that yes, it can be measured. On the other hand, we had a few members who thought that measuring creativity is very difficult task. […]

Dohe of Kabir # 6

Saint Kabir makes us stop still with the helps of his two liners, called Doha. This beautiful Doha of Kabir is worth a thousand lines- माँगन मरण समान है, मत माँगो कोई भीख । माँगन से तो मरना भला, यह सतगुरु की सीख English Translation- (Do not ask for anything. To ask for anything is […]