Take me out of the boat……..

The real master is one,who does not solve all questions,

but takes care that there is no question remaining.

The same analogy works for a disciple also.

A disciple is not the one who makes the progress,but the one who simply leaves the very idea of progress.

This idea of saint tulsidaas,is really having a great vision-

Hoo patit to uddhar na kariye,

par utar jahaj……….

(If I am one with lower grade,don’t resurrect me,just take me out of the boat……)

It needs a lot of vision,devotion and experience to come to this conclusion.All this game of higher and lower beings,this game of progress,knowledge,improvement is bogus.It does not mean that it is to be bypassed.Because to come to the very conclusion that it is bogus,you should have a great deal of experience in it.Then everything clears up.Tulsidas could see that the race is just bogus,aimless when he was in the boat.And then he asks to be taken out of the boat.This is something interesting.And ya,this is the only way.To realize that race is a wastage,just a game,you should have tested it very deeply.It also clears one thing,that such people like Tulsidas are too perfect.They use each and every sentence,each and every word perfectly.A single line by him has such a profound meaning in it…….






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  1. Akshay Patil. Avatar
    Akshay Patil.

    very honest thoughts………
    trying for going beyond all this……….
    knowing that journey is not so simple and not so hard at the same time…………

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