The ‘Choiceless’ Awareness

Today, terms like awareness, Nirvana, Meditation and Yoga are being used like other casual activities- trekking, mountaineering, cycling etc. Yoga is probably being looked upon as a form of exercise good for both body and mind and meditation as a way to take better decisions in the complex situation without letting your blood pressure go high.

Many are happy to see the popularity gained by Indian practices in western culture or in modern lifestyle. Just a note of caution- we are taking away the true form and the true spirit from these practices.

Meditation done with a purpose is not meditation; it is simply an exercise of concentration. Similarly, Yoga is not a tool to make yourself fit and productive; these are merely the by-products. The beauty of meditation is, you don’t have to do it with a purpose. When all purposes die, meditativeness pops up.

‘Truth is a pathless land’ were the words used by J. Krishnamurti when he delivered a speech and dissolved the Order of Stars. If we meditate with a path in our head- path to better mental health, mindfulness, calmness etc. we have reduced it to a utility. It might take you to the end goal that you have imagined but not to the ultimate realization…

Awareness is choice-less, a grace on a pathless land, while wandering without any purpose.

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