The delicate thread of Love

Today, I remember a very beautiful poem, written by a very magical poet. The poet is Rahim. The poem has a meaning as follows-

The delicate thread of love, don’t break it with a jerk,

Once broken will not be joined, if joined, it will carry a naught.

This poem is really very beautiful and the beauty remains in the very first quarter of the couplet- The delicate thread of love. Osho says that there is a very minute yet significant difference between a poet and a saint. The saint is explored the truth where as the poet can see it from a distance. A saint or a mystic is always in this experience of the truth whereas the poet gets glimpses of the truth. Only that glimpse has the beauty and the other part, is not so perfect.

In this poem, the first quarter, which says that thread of love is delicate, is a glimpse. It is a very minute eternal truth, which can be experienced by a mystic only. A poet can only have a glimpse about it. Here too, Rahim gets a glimpse of love being a delicate thread.

The flaw is that, the thread of love, though delicate, cannot be broken with the help of any jerk. If it gets broken, it simply means it was not love. Thread of love, though delicate, is strongest and unbreakable.







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  1. kanchi Avatar

    if ur advised to stop everything..and follow a tite schedule…y r u still blogging???

  2. dipti Avatar

    who advsd u 2 stop evrythn??!!
    anyw, lovd d piece….

  3. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

    @ Kanchi: Some things cannot be stopped, because they are started not to stop….at any cost…. 🙂

    1. kanchi Avatar

      he baray…kaal kay zhalela mag tula?

  4. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

    @ Kanchi: Je jhalay te jhalay… i m stopping everything so that i can continue this…this is my first priority 🙂

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