The desire-less Desire

The one thing that no spiritual teacher or preacher does not stop from criticizing is desires. The most condemned and so called roots of all sorrows all conflicts are desires. All the great calamities thaa running because our desires are still on fire. Scientific progress are outcome of desire. But has anybody ever thought that leaving all desires aside is also a desire?


It’s just like this- It can be aim of someone to be aimless. In the same way to strive to maintain a distance from all the desires is also a desire.  To be thirsty for god is also a thirst, a greed. Then what should one do?

Here, the point which should be taken into consideration is that, while striving for all other desires, we are suffering. We try by hook or crook to get them fulfilled. Waiting for them to blossom is a pain. But, when one is in true love with the god, the waiting is not a suffering. This waiting a just a grace. Both are longing for something. But the one who longs for mundane desires, is counting moments, when his nightmare will end. For the other one, this waiting is something immense beautiful. This desire will not give birth to a suffering, but a blessing….






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