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One day, a little leaf was trying to flow towards its aim. It was just crawling on the earth. With lots of efforts, some how it used to go a few feet a month.But, the leaf was well devoted to its dream, well devoted to its aim. It was moving, though slowly. 

And one day, the god opened his heart. Wind started flowing. The leaf was on the wings, flowing toward its aim.

Same is the story, with this effort of mine. Initially, no one read this site. Today, thousands of people are reading it. And now, it is the time for winds to flow. Swami Rajneesh, an enlightened mystic has blessed me by allowing me to put up excerpts of his divine words on this little weblog. He comes from a very rich industrial family but left the home in pursuit of his spiritual quest. He is a mystic, at the same time has lived the life also with totality. He has done everything- From designing fashionable cloth to get an award of World’s Best Watchmaker.

This is an effort to make his divine word available to all of the readers of this site. There will be a new page, named as The Divine Page where these excerpts will be updated regularly!

Thanks a lot Swami Ji!






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