The Eternal Connection

The Thirst of earth is known to sky..
The eternal connection, thats why…

The pregnant silence of a bud
Is never wasted in mud

The thirst to rise
Is the only vice..

What is needed is thirst to grow
Everything happens, then in just a blow

This eternal connection is what I love
In the gratitude, I just bow…






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  1. ninad Avatar

    simple….just simple…


    Can u explain the meaning of the poem …..actually I couldn’t understand almost everything !!

    What is the meaning of – “pregnant silence” ?? What is the difference between-“thirst to rise & to grow”……..I found both pretty the same ……..How can growing not be equal to rising ??

    And finally , who has the “eternal connection”…….the sky & the earth?? If yes , then how ??

  3. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

    Dear Lokesh,
    Thanks a lot! It was good to know that some one is really reading this all 🙂
    Thanks for the interest you have shown. Poem,along with a meaning, has a flavor. I will try to
    elaborate this flavor for you.
    The thirst is not of sky or earth. I have used these to objects just to show that their is huge difference in between them,
    though there is a connection, eternal one. The actual meaning of the poem is that, the one, who wants to grow in this world,
    his thirst is taken care by the universe, this is the eternal connection. This urge to grow, to become one with the universe
    or what we call enlightenment never goes in vain. Pregnant means having some potential within. And pregnant silence means
    potential hidden within. It simply means that though if someone’s potential is hidden, the existence comes to know about it and
    it never goes in mud i.e. this potential never goes in vain.
    To rise means you are rising over something. It means you are dominating. To grow means, you are
    in a development but not worried about others. Rise gives a sense of dominating over others. Rising over someone…..
    So, rising is the vice. In growth, there is only sense of development and no domination…..
    And, the eternal connection is between divine and we all……it is the unity of universe. How…..that one has to find for oneself. It is a part of experiencing rather than answering…..this is what we call as thirst……

    Thanks a lot!!
    Further discussions are welcome!!


    Mandar Karanjkar


    AWESOME !!! U are such a wonderful “explainer” …… I ve got the essence of it .

    I really liked the concept of difference among ‘rise’ & ‘grow’ & I really agree to it .
    The more the number of times I read it , the more I could FEEL it !!

    Once again , Mandar , u really make me STOP & THINK !!

  5. shridhar Avatar

    simply great…awsome

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