The story of a boat

Five people, one day thought that they must enjoy their lives to their fullest. They were all poor workers, all the life was being wasted in sorrows. All the days were gone working till death. So, they decided that  at least one day must be enjoyed in this life, this is going to be that day. So, they all ran away from their construction sites with whatever little sums they had and came to a city nearby.

It was a wonderful time for them all. Life was never so pleasant. They had finest food they could ever imagine. They bought all the latest clothes latest in fashion. A movie also they enjoyed. After all this, they all sat in a pub drinking and drinking.

Drinks have one wonderful power. They amplify your feelings. So, after enjoying so much, they developed devotional feelings. One of them said, we must go to the temple situated at the bank of the river to thank the almighty. They reached the temple. All the people were having bath in river, crossing the river and visiting the temple.

After seeing this all devotional picture, one of the drunken worker said,”Brothers, why to go back in such an ugly life? We will renunciate this world and search for the Nirwana” The other one said, “You have exactly said what I wanted to. I am too tired of this mundane life. Why to go back in it?” They all made a plan. After the temple is closed, everybody will be going back home. The sailors also would tie the boats, we will get one of them and run away.

They worked out their plan. Alternately, they were all sailing the boat happy with the thought they had finally escaped from the ugly world. After many  hours, one of them said that I will go and check where we actually are. He came out and started laughing. All of them came out. The spell of the drink ran away. They had forgotten to untie the boat!

This is story of humans. We get tired of this life. We are drunkards, we are not ready to leave our naughts, we cannot untie us from all our bondings and we go on a spiritual search! First, untie the boat.






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