This Is Why We Should Stop Searching For A God

You create your own gods!

For the ancient man, who lived in the forests, nature was the god. Nature was probably the only parameter out of control- the only parameter which could behave at its whim and destroy everything.

We no more have epidemics coming and turning towns into heaven of dead. As this external scenario has changed, so has changed our definition of the god. God is no more the one who manages huge fires spreading in the forests or the one who can walk on furious rivers or the one who can control lightening.

Today, god is more like someone who is loving, taking care of total wellbeing- this includes the one who gives job to one who arranges marriages.

If you give it a thought, your definition or your concept of god tells your immediate and most urgent problem. It tells what makes you worry the most. Those who do not get enough love in their lives, for them, god might be the ultimate lover. For those, who cannot tolerate and are afraid of the insecurity in the life, god is the ultimate protector. For the one who believes in science and still is afraid of uncertainties, god is like some universal force which guides and protects.

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Our definition of god is a manifestation of our inner psyche. What do you think of god? Does it have anything to do with your immediate psychological problem? A question worth thinking. Another interesting question- If there is no uncertainty in your will life, will you have a minute to think about god?

The entire search for god is nothing but the search for security. I am not at all making a comment on whether god exists or not. The simple point which I am making is, our search for god is not genuine, it is out of our fragmented minds.

I doubt if such a mind, the one which is shaped by its own fear, can discover god. For all of us, talking and discussing about god makes no sense since only a mind free from all the fears has the clarity and sharpness to tackle this question!

I think all of us should stop searching for god and start working on ourselves instead…

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4 responses to “This Is Why We Should Stop Searching For A God”

  1. Dakshayani Athalye Avatar

    Very true… I would like to add that even if we are not searching for ‘God’ and we don’t have a definition of God; what we appreciate, our value depend upon what we are deprived of or what we are most scared of. For example: we appreciate soldiers on the border because we (common men/women) are scared to even think about war because otherwise no one will appreciate people who are killing (no matter for what reason). It is little sad that fear is our driving force!

  2. Rahul Bhalerao Avatar

    Very well written Mandar.

    It will be interesting to see how we perceive God, after dropping all the insecurities and worries. May be that state of mind will be able to come more closer towards God.

    But since it is almost impossible for a common man to give up his worries, overcome his fears, the common man believes in God for seeking solutions to his problems. And the be it any major religion, I believe the founder of that religion was an exceptionally brilliant and intelligent human being, who crafted the religion in a way to help the masses deal with their problems.

    But, I feel one must try to overcome fear of uncertainties, and then selflessly approach the Absolute. That will be a wonderful experience.

    Looking forward to talk to you on this topic in more detail 🙂

  3. Amol Jeurkar Avatar


    I believe comman man is not searching for God but constantly petitioning the God.Common man is telling the God that he wants this or that materialistic things however problem is that never tells that I want you and you only and nothing else!

  4. Abhinav Basawar Avatar
    Abhinav Basawar

    देव हि एक आंतरिक शक्ती आहे,जि मनाला बळकटी देते आणि परिस्थितीशी झुंजण्याचे बळ देते. देवाचा धावा करण्यात आयुष्य जात आणि देव समोर दिसला कि आपण डोळे बंद करतो. देव हा तुमच्या कर्मात आहे तसाच तो त्या भावनिक श्रद्धेत आहे जि तुम्हाला सतत सांगत असते, कुछ नही यार All Is Well…

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