Truth cannot be neglected

It is one of the old strategy of people-people neglect the men of truth, people try to neglect the truth itself. Neglecting is the best way of suppressing someone. If you condemn someone, still he will be in the news. If you condemn a person,   people will be still attracted to that person. They will inquire why he is being condemned so much. Condemning rather gives more publicity that praises.

So, truth has always been neglected. In all the scriptures, people have always taken the care that the truth is always interpreted in a distorted way. If some living person is talking about truth, society takes care that he remains unnoticed. Earlier, it was seen that he is always being condemned. But now, people have realized that condemning a person gives him more publicity.

But, truth can never be neglected. For sincere people, truth is always approaching them. If the desire to know the truth is sincere, truth approaches you.People may neglect truth, but truth never neglects sincere thirst of a seeker. For ordinary people, it does not matter if the truth is available to them are not. For those, who really care for the truth, truth cares for them. If you are honest and open, Truth cannot neglect you. Truth cannot be neglected.






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