We are Karna..

If a survey is done, that which character in Mahabharat people like the most,  I can claim that near about 9 people will vote for Karna. Karna is considered as most significant character. Karna is justified the most by the readers. Everyone, inside him feels that the maximum injustice has been done with Karna. Everyone blames all the other characters from Kunti to Krishna.

We are karna

There must be some reason, why everyone loves Karna so much. In Mahabharat, there are many significant characters, but Karna captures the largest number of readers. The one reason behind this may be that, Karna had suffered a lot and yes, his injustice was not an outcome of his fault. It was divine. Each and every person around is also in search of justifications. How I deserve something better, how injustice is happening with me. Every man is giving some justification to his role by supporting Karna.

I will not enter in the question if Karna as right or wrong, but it is a accepted fact that Karna was a victim of ill destiny. Most of the people, they may be happy in their lives, have a very thin thought within, that if they had destiny with them, they would have been something better. People always need justification, to justify the failures. When they read the story of Karna, it plucks very delicate string inside them that yes…this happens. Those who deserve, they will not get the things. Destiny is cruel. Most of the times, people love Karna, because, his situation was much similar to what their is……





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    Hey very nice way to put up the things . Let me have a clear opinion that the Karna is that loved by all because not only that he was victim of ill destiny but the way he behaved after knowing the real thing from Krishna . So though we think that he was victim he was totally loyal with his promises he stick to those promises till death . I think that is the thing why people are more attracted towards Karna …..

    Of course this is my perception !!!

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