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Are books dead?

A few months ago, I had gone to teach some students at Akanksha Foundation. I like to teach small kids. One of my friends was working as a teacher with The Akanksha Foundation and so I thought that it will be nice if I also try doing one session with the kids.

We chose the topics ‘Living and Non Living Things’ to be taught. I explained the kids all the properties of living and non living things. They grasped the concept very well. After all this was done, I just asked them to tell out a few examples of both living and non living things. I was getting normal answers like stones, table, pens as non living things. Suddenly, one girl shouted that books are non living things.

She was absolutely right. Books are non living. They do not eat, grow, breathe, reproduce. But still, it was somehow impossible for me to accept books as non living things. Books do not eat; but they feed you. Books do not grow but they help you to grow. Books do not breathe but our breath has some value only because of books. I know, the poor girl will get zero marks if she writes that the books are living things, but in the exam of life she will get zero marks if she considers books as non living things.

By Mandar Karanjkar

Mandar Karanjkar is author, motivational speaker and consultant based in Pune. Mandar works with handful of organizations helping them with strategy, communication and culture. Mandar is trained in Indian Classical Music over a decade. He is a classical singer and flute player.

Mandar has written columns for many reputed newspapers. Engineer by profession, he conducts workshops and delivers talks on subjects as wide as strategy, innovation, online marketing, spirituality, Kabir, Zen etc.

Mandar is a published author.

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