At your feet, no hope remains…….

In the world of desires, fear remains, At your feet, no hope remains….

This is the net, born out of hopes, The one leaves hopes, up copes…

The one who is afraid, of going down, Will not enter, His town…

One who can float, in the sea of uncertainty, will have certainty in plenty….

leaves grow and dry, without fear, Why am I afraid, all in tears?

Those who give hope, I trusted them a lot, And finally, found a broken pot…

At your feet, no hope remains, just pure bliss, in all the veins….

By Mandar Karanjkar

Mandar Karanjkar is author, motivational speaker and consultant based in Pune. Mandar works with handful of organizations helping them with strategy, communication and culture. Mandar is trained in Indian Classical Music over a decade. He is a classical singer and flute player.

Mandar has written columns for many reputed newspapers. Engineer by profession, he conducts workshops and delivers talks on subjects as wide as strategy, innovation, online marketing, spirituality, Kabir, Zen etc.

Mandar is a published author.

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