Nature is the key to arts

A few days ago, I was invited in a conference which was organised to think upon today’s youth and how to reach to them through lecture series. In this conference, one session was devoted to tell whatever you feel in connection with today’s youth. Being one of the speakers, I chose a very interesting topic named why youth is not being attracted towards authentic things which dominantly include arts.

The main point of focus was, human mind always looks out for melody. It is melody that we are searching. Arts appeals us because it has melody. The more melodies an art is, more people appreciate it. Of course, my point ahead was why youth is not getting attracted to the arts.

The question only can be solved by the concept of melody. If a child is taught to observe melody from very childhood, he will search it in arts. He will be searching melody  in dance, music, poetry or paints. Now, the question which stands in front of all of us is how to introduce this melody and hence arts to the children. The obvious thing is, nature is home to all sorts of melodies. Melody can be very easily observed in nature in form of dancing trees, flowing rivers, singing birds and falling leaves. Children should be taught to observe this melody, to witness it from their very childhood. This melody creates infinite impacts on their hearts.

Then they will be always be searching melody. If they find it in any form of arts, for example in strokes of a painter, they will start feeling it and exploring it. My experience says, at one point you will try to create melody on your own. Then you will touch some form of arts on your own. Then you will take brush or flute in your hands and create art which is melodious.

Why today’s youth is going away from arts? The answer is, they were never close to nature. Nature is the key to arts.

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Disturbances are needed

All human beings will agree on one point without any exception. The point is, there should be no disturbances in the life.Many people are often in support of disturbances stating that they help you to excel in life. But, they also accept that after these initial days of struggle and education are over, there should be no disturbances. People those who have successfully overcome all the struggles in their lives often appreciate the role of disturbances in life of a person but will soon become sad if they themselves encounter any disturbance in their life.

The fact is, disturbances are the integral part of human lives. Apart from this, they play many important roles to improve quality of many aspects of life. Disturbances may be mental also. An idea which goes against your conditioned mind is alos a disturbance. A mental disturbance is also needed as it hammers out the dust of conditioning on our minds.

Whenever we believe in some predefined idea, it means that we are going away from our own consciousness. A mental disturbance shatters such ideas and brings you back to your consciousness. Osho used to say that he liked to disturb people. The reason is very simple. When people have ready made religions with them, ready made moralities with them, each human is reduced to a fool following rule books. To make these fools humans, disturbances are needed.


Nothing good, nothing bad

A few days ago, got a chance to read a wonderful book written by the master Osho. The book had in it one very wonderful statement- “In life, there are no good decisions and bad decisions. There are only wise decisions and fool decisions.”

I was shocked by this out of earth understanding. Yes, in life, in reality, there is nothing good and at the same time there is nothing bad. All the decisions that we take are either wise or they are foolish.

At first sight, this seems to be quite senseless. But when contemplated upon, we can easily see that the good and bad do not exist. In this flow of life, your decisions are either wise or they are fool. Other than this, they carry no quality.

The good and bad are designed out by man. The definitions of good and bad differ along with the time, they are very fragile and momentary definitions. What ever we do, is either wise or it is foolish!


It is better that we die

This can be rather a bit shocking post title to read for all of the readers here. I have been always know as a life celebrating person. Today too, I am not at all life negative. I am not at all worried or under tension. It is generally observed that those who prove to be unsuccessful in their lives, write these types of posts. So, the very first point, I love life and I celebrate it.

But still, when I look around at the people, the way we all live, I feel that this is not the way to live. I can see that all the flowers are being crushed; under traditions, under so called rubbish prestige issues, under dogmas and what not. So, the very first thought, that comes within is, it is better to die than to live such a life.

But again, I come to realize that death is not going to solve the problem. If we die, we are being an ostrich.  When ostrich sees some danger, it puts its head in the sand. Ostrich feels, when he is not seeing the problem, the problem does not exist. Even if we do not, the problems exist. So, when you feel it is better if we die remember, you are being an ostrich.

Bliss has a cost of it. You have to pay it. Instead of living life like a fool or committing suicide, it is better if we give the cost and get the bliss. everyone had to pay the cost to get the bliss. No one got it without giving the cost. Socrates had to give it, Jesus had to give it.

Always remember, when you feel like dying, remember that you are being coward.

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Fearless lives the life

Many a times, we realize that we are not living life, but just surviving. Or to be more precise, we just vegetate.  What makes he difference between living and surviving? What distinguishes these two things? Or are they just same? I think it is basically the ability to be fearless which determines if you are living or just surviving.

A person who remains under fear can never live life. His fears design his life, they govern it. He is not having anything of his own in his lie. It is designed and decided by the persons of which this man is afraid of.  Those who in true sense lived their life were always fearless.

An authentic person is always going to be different from the society. So, he will be opposed by society always. Such a person will always be troubled by society. Society will always try threaten such persons. So, you need to be fearless. You should be courageous enough to face them all, you should be bold enough to tackle them all.

To be fearless is the key for living life. Those who are under fear, just survive. Be fearless and live the life.


The world inside

Today, I feel a bit silent, calm. If something you trust gets proved, it does not give you relief, but certainly gives a calmness. If you require proof for something, then you do not trust it. Then you just verify it and agree with it. If is trust, it will need no proof. If you get proof, its just alright.

I see the world inside me today. It was unseen for many days. May be, I had watched it so much that it had kept itself hidden. Today, I again see it. I have become more fearless, more reckless, more lazy. But, it brings certain calmness.  This laziness is not out of avoiding something. It is out of certain certainty or to be more specific, uncertainty.  A tree is growing without certainty. So am I.  People say uncertainty brings depression. It is not so in the inside world. In the inside world, uncertainty liberates you of  everything. The most important is, it liberates you of certainty.

When you are able to live with uncertainty, it means, your inner world is, you  know, independent, in very true sense.   When you want certainty, it means, the world inside is not yet prepared, is not yet universal.


Detest the desires and get liberated!

A man used to live with his wife. His wife was much annoyed by her husband. The husband was really a very calm, quiet and thoughtful person. The wife was irritated by his patience. One beautiful morning, the wife thought she should somehow kill this dumb person and get married to someone else.

To implement this plan, she offered her husband a cup of coffee with very slight dose of poison in it. Her plan was to offer little bit of poison every day so that he will be killed in a while. The husband was quite a saint like person. He did not like coffee. But, he was a very compassionate person. He thought that for the first time his wife was offering him something with so much of affection. So, he used to accept the cup. When the wife used to have her bath, he used to detest the coffee from the cup and put it again in the coffee vessel.

After a few months, the wife was dead.

The same story applies to all human desires. Do not be their slaves. At the same time, do not repress them or do not try to reject their existence. Be detached or in other words, detest the desires! Repressing the desires will not solve the issue. You will have to accept them and yet keep away from them. Till date, religions are telling continuously to suppress desires. Suppressing is not the way. To drop the desires, you will have to detest them!

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What wealth can do?

I remember today a beautiful story, told by Osho, which can be a fact also. The story beautifully tells what money can do and what money can not. A major misconception which we find in the society is, a man with money is a man free from sorrow. A wealthy man is always untouched by the sorrows of the world, is what is generally believed. Wealth has its own limitations.

A millionaire business was on his death bed. He was lying on the verge of his death. Wealth of all the worlds was at his feet. Rothschild was the name of this businessman. This Rothschild was counting last moments of his life. All his life he ran after the wealth. He earned a huge amount of wealth through enormous efforts. For his entire life, he believed that someday, this wealth will finish all of my sorrows. Today, on his death bed, he wanted to tell the truth to his son. He wanted to tell his son the limitations of his wealth.

“You see my son? all my life I was busy in earning my wealth. Today, I want to tell you the truth. Wealth cannot end you sorrows. You can have wealth but you will still have sorrows.”

The son was wiser than the father. He silently replied,

“I know dad, what wealth can do. A poor man also has sorrows and a rich man also. But, the rich man can select which sorrows he has to suffer from.”

This is the virtue of wealth. It cannot make you free from sorrow. It just gives you freedom of selecting your own sorrows. No wealth in this world can make you free from sorrows.

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Osho Insight:Things just happen……

I remember a very wonderful and also truthful statement from famous mystic, Osho. Osho says,

“A rose flower cannot say that it blooms the roses; if it could say so, it would also have been able to bloom lilies. ”

This single statement, in a single blow flushes out all the ego that we have. It just wipes out the feeling- ‘I do…….’ We do things but are we really doing it? Or they are just happening? On the same line, I remember one statement by Kahlil Gibran in which he says that we do not give birth to children; they are born through us.

When I observe life or witness life closely, I realize the reality of all above statements. Things go on happening. We do not cause them to happen. Human ego says that it is responsible for everything. Human ego says that it is the doer of all the thing. But, things are just happening. Things are not bad or good. Things are not sane or insane. Humans add them these labels. In nature, nothing is good or bad. In nature, there is no virtue and there is no vice.

On the same line, I remember one more mystic, Tilopa. Tilopa says,

“In life, when there is nothing bad and when there is nothing good, there is nothing to be desired and nothing to be avoided.”

We humans play the game of desiring and  avoiding things. We do so because, for us something is good and something is bad. Human life will be simplified a lot if we remember a simple thing- Things just happen. We do nothing. Whatever happens is neither good nor bad. Do not avoid anything and do not desire for anything.

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Death is life

We experience light only when there is darkness. We can feel the presence of warmth only when there is something cold. We can feel the presence of joy only when there is some sorrow to compare the joy with. In the same way, we experience the presence of life only when death is near us.

By death I do not mean some deterioration or degradation. By death, I mean fear of death, the risk in the life. I remember what Osho has once said-

“You are living only when you are living dangerously.”

Life is a razor’s edge. It is a risky walk. And life is life only when there is some risk. Why to be afraid of risk? I have realized one thing very deeply- In this life, nothing can harm you. In this life, nothing can trouble you. You are living life only when you accept everything in it with totality. If you are selective, you are not living at all. And the ultimate acceptance is acceptance of death. The ultimate surrender is death. The person who can fearlessly accept his death, who can fearlessly accept risk in life lives the life.

Life cannot be lived in comfort zones. Life cannot be felt in warm shells. Life cannot be experienced in air conditioned rooms. It has to felt under the open sky; when you are totally helpless.