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True Path

The main focus of all the philosophies or religions is to reach the ultimate, to reach the the reality, to reach the source.God is not having any concrete definition.God is not any scientific term or something which can be found by solving any certain equation.The main principle behind any religion is to make you an acceptor.Richard Feynman has very nicely said,
“Paradox is difference between how things are and how you want them to be.”
The very basic foundation or the driving force behind any religious progress is to break down thisconditioning of mind,and to kill the difference between the divine wish and a person’s wish.This can be done through a number of ways.These ways are the path.Many a times, a walker is really confusedand then qyestion arises-“Which is the path.”Very first thing is that,at first , the person follows any one path,whichsuits best to his thinking.As the person goes on walking,then the mind creates question, is this the path?Many a times, other path appeals more and many cases can be shown that where people follow a particular path and then leave it due to this strategy of mind.Any spiritual progress is against the mind.So the mind andpsychology tries hard when it is on the point where it can be destroyed.                       So this question,”Which is the path is the greatest obstruction in the path.”It is very difficult to tell which is the real part to the self or to the reality,but some hints can be given to just check if the path is right or wrong.

1.The path which is easy is not the path.

Many a times,spiritual teachers claim that their path is the easiest one or leads to what we call’Quick Enlightenment.’Beware!! Easy path is a contradiction.

2.The path which you like is not the path.

The very purpose of spiritual journey is to vanish the mind.So it is without any question to be assumed thatyour mind is not going to like the path.It will create thousand and one reasons to make you quit.If you getsuch response from your mind,you are sailing in the right direction.

3.If people appreciate you, change the path.

This society can never tolearate the true spiritual progress of any person.Rather, it is based on the ignorance ofthe people.So if people are aware,the whole religious system will collapse down.Take it for granted that you mustbe condemned by society.

mysticism philosophy

Nothing can resurrect you, my mind…..

Visual Psychology

most of the time the humans say that things are the way they are and they could have been different if they would have behaved differently in the past and thats why many a times,people rather say that if I were allowed to go back in the time and settle the matters, things would have been different.

I reject this idea.There lived a very generous king ruling over his huge empire.The king was very soft hearted and kind.On a noon,he saw a poor man going on feet in very hot summer.The king sent his servants and asked them to bring that man to him.King asked the poor man,”Where are you going in such a hot summer?”The man replied,”I had burried a pot containing 100 copper coins under a tree in the empire and I need money badly”The melted down.He asked that man,”I give you 100 silver coins.Forget about those poor copper coins.”The man happpily took the coins thanked the king and left the palace.To the surprise of king, he again after an hour spotted the same man again going on the feet.
The king asked his servants to bring him back to the palace.King said,”Why are you so much attacched to those poor copper coins?Come here, I give you a hundred gold coins”The man very happily took those coins, thanked king and promised him that he will not go again to get those copper coins.But again after an hour, the king found the same man,going towards the tree trying hard so that he is not seen by the king.Now the king roars.”I will give you half of my empire.Would you please forget those coins?”The man very humbly says,”Sure your highness,but please take care that the tree falls in my kingdom.”
So, this is how the human psychology functions.Even if we are given chance to behave a hundred times,we are going to do the same thing.So, the repentance of humans’if I were allowed just once to go back in the time,the situation would have been different’ is a lie.

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Do not loose your Strong Fort

There was a Mystic who always used to sit under a tree and solved the various questions put forward by the people.People from different region and parts of the country used to come at his place and would question him.One day, a very mighty robber came;just to check what sort of man this was.Without letting know the mystic the truth, he asked him a question,”What will you do if a robber catches the hold of you while you are alone?”The mystic said,”I have a very strong fort with me.I will use it.”The robber was wondering what this strong fort could be.At night when the Sadhu was alone sitting under the tree,the robber came with deadly weapons in his hand.He asked that mystic,”Now tell me,how your fort is going to save you?where it is?”The Sadhu, laughingly said,”My fort is inside me you fool, you do whatever you cannot destroy it”

This internal strength,this internal calmness is in the true sense our strong fort.The forts made up of stones can be destroyed easily.In one or more blows, they can be destroyed.This fort of internal piece can hardly be even touched by such affairs.It is a fact that most of the crimes are committed out of insecurity and fear.Insecure people are more prone to be violent.A peaceful  person will never be violent, will never be a criminal.It has been surveyed that all the prisoners cry most easily, that they are the most sensitive and most insecure person.

When man is at peace,he is satisfied, he needs nothing badly.And only such a man who is fearless lives without frightening the other people.So, it should always be the focus of all the religions and institutions to make people fear less.Fears of life can never be controlled, they are in the hands of divine.So , it is needed that every human being must have this strong fort within him, because the fun of life lies in its insecurity.Unless and until man is able to enjoy this insecurity,he cannot be fearless.

mysticism philosophy

Are we really Spiritual?

First Incidence:-

Rohan: This god has set up his mind on testin me on tougher scales!!

Jay: What happened??

Rohan: Just lost my pocket in the cab

Jay: How? Where?

Rohan: I just forgot it on the dashboard while leaving the cab.

Second incidence:-

Mother: Did you pass in the examination?

Son: No mom.Lost by a single mark.

Mother:How cruel this god is going to  be??

What I wonder is that can a concept which even does not exist dominate us so much? I really wanted to study what image of god do we actually have in our minds. Do we look at him as a care taker, or as a secretary, or as a clerk in a government office keeping record of every one, or as a waiter in a hotel serving each and every table?

I have read and faithfully sung many prayers.Most of them say-“We are your sons oh God!please forgive all our mistakes.You have defeated Many Devils(eg. Mahishasur,Kolhasur,Shoombh and what not).Please keep us away from the poverty,diseases,droughts and all such calamities.”All this makes me to think that all our religious values are coming out of fear.In the old days, it was fear of diseases and droughts;now a days it is fear of uncertainty in any form.

It has been a general observation that those who have many uncertainties in life are more devoted to god.Depressed and frightened people pray more.This makes me to think that we really need to change this mindset.If there is any irreligious quality in this world, it is fear.I think the most tough challenge standing ahead in front of all religious organisations is separating out the spirituality from this fear,because nothing can blossom in fear.Fear makes people hypocrites.

mysticism philosophy

My mind, will you please get out??

Once upon a time during my lecture, on person was very much offended when I said that mind is an curse.Generally,your mind is considered as one of your biggest assets.All the development that a being does is associated with his mind.All the religions are talking about sharpening the mind.We generally hear a big deal of lectures about developing mind.

Making mind sharp means giving sip by sip Vodka to a monkey.At first it feels good.It seems that monkey is going to be more and more active,more and more intelligent.But soon,monkey shows the colors.Same is with the mind.At first ,the mind becomes sharper and sharper but in the reality, it takes us farther away from the reality.Mind is literally like a knife, which rather cuts the things in smaller parts rather than understanding the thing.Mind  never solves the question; it just changes the question to other more questions.

All the authentic religions focus on transcending the mind.Mind is not what we have learnt but it is like a tent which prevents us from preventing the universe.There used to live a poet in a hut with a small candle inside the hut.He was very  much in love with the beauty the candle-light had.One day all of a sudden, his hut was blown away with the wind;the candle-light was gone.That day for the first time he realized what real beauty means.The moon; the star; the eternal game.He thanked god that his hut was blown away;otherwise he could have never felt the wonders of the stars.

Same is the case with this poor mind.It is just a small candle; and those who are in love with candle will never feel the divine beauty of the moon. So whenever I encounter my mind,I just ask,”My mind,will you please get out??”

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What is needed is De-programming

A very interesting fact about Nomadic people is that they use hypnoltism very effectively.Nomadic people need to go in forests to meet their needs.At such times it is impossible to look after small babies, they should not run out into the forests.So the tact they implement is that from the very childhood they used to draw a circle around the children and hypnotised them that they cannot come out of the circles.And it works.The reason behind it can be explained from a very significant  statement of Richard Feynman.Feynman says-

“What I cannot create, I cannot think of it”

As the sentence itself says, all our thinking; is just result of our conditioning.We are really unable to think beyond it.Whatever creative we think,it is what we can create or rather which rests within programming of our mind.So, all the spiritual teachers and mystics focus on only one thing-Break the programming of your mind.

When we deal with the truth,truth is incomprehensible for our mind.The reason lies in the fact that truth is something which can be received in no mind.Our conventional programmed mind is not capable of even thinking wh at truth means.The programming can be broken in a number of ways.Zen people used to concentrate mind at a point and then used to blow it in a single blow;while the approach  of Gurdjieff was of crystallization of mind.But the aim was the same

mysticism osho philosophy



the people who are among us yet far ahead…….

These people,unlike us,were genuine….same inside and outside….

They had understood,what is needed to be understood……

They were like birds….just flying…..leaving behind no footprints.

They had completed  the journey…….but they also liked it…..

They had experienced the highest levels of consciousness…..

reached the maximum heights……yet were on the earth……

We never understood them….instead,

We poisoned them or killed them and troubled them by all the means available…..

Because they were shaking something in us,which was too shaky…

But it was our identity….imposed on us….

and also,convenient for us,for our egos…..

We were living in sleep……

worn intentionally…….

They tried to wake us up……..

but we…..

We wanted to sleep….we like the dreams…..and not the reality……

This page stands for those honest souls,who tried….

Who lived….who wanted us to live….

mysticism osho philosophy

A 'Belief Breaker': The need of time…

Jail Cell

Once upon a time, a very deadly monster came to a sage and asked him,”Please tell me what is an illusion”.The sage told the poor creature to sit inside a near by cave and asked him to continuously think for two days that he had horns.The monster want inside the cave and closing his eyes started to think that he had grown horns.

Three days passed.The monster was still inside the cave.So after waiting for such a long time,the sage went to the cave and shouted,”Aren’t you coming out my dear fellow? “The ghost shouted from inside,”For whole day I am trying to come out,but these horns are caught up in the roof of the cave so I am n0t able even to move an inch.” The sage slapped him and said,”You fool! open your eyes!!Where are the horns?”

So I think what we need to invent is a ‘Belief Breaker’.For thousands of years we are carrying over the head the same rotten horns of our belief and are caught up in the cave of darkness.I really think if humanity needs to invent something, it is this ‘belief breaker’.

It is really difficult to understand to what extent belief system cripples us.Belief makes a person incapable of thought.One more point is that where there is belief,there is no knowledge.When one knows,there is no need of belief.Belief exists for something which you cannot understand.Belief is created where we are supposed to be kept blind deliberately.Rather than belief,I love the trust.

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Give me the Fire…..

The first time, for asking something…

You gave everything; without being asked

Just like an egg….sufficient with what it needs…

You showered though I had no capacity to contain…..

You poured though I had no will to contain…..

But I flowered….With what ever percolated……

I have heard…more grass,more water….

more water,more grass…….

The grass is growing….along with the bushes….

Bushes of ego…..bushes of lust…..

When I cut bushes,cut is the grass….

I know, I love the bushes…..So I cry…..

Why should I love them? though they are the reason..

reason for everything….

You gave everything….but today I accept…..

I lack something….The fire…..

I am cold….just like a furnace….which never burnt….

Today I ask for something……

Something which I dont want….but what I badly need…..

Give me some Fire…..

Give me some Fire….

mysticism philosophy

Cannot Things Just Be?

We have built a great structure of morality a big structure of ethics all around us.The thing which we boast about most often is our morality.Each generation is happy and satisfied that it is handing over a great bunch of moral values to its next generation.But deep down I see a very cunning and non-spiritual intensions behind all these morals.

The very first thing that this morality is not self generated.It is generated out of some very cunning things.Some religion propagate that  feed dogs daily and as a return you will have all your opponents defeated.Some religions say that go to the temples so that you will get the respect.It is often taught that love others because only then others will love you.Where these if and thens come,their vanishes the morality.Where there are ifs and thens,there exists mind and mind is nothing but what spirituality asks to transcend.

Real morality exists for nothing.It expects nothing in return.No money,no respect not even love.Morality means simply giving and giving and giving.Without any rule without any expectation.The religion coming out of this morality is authentic one and not the dummy one.The persons coming from such religion are what we call as ‘religious’.Humans coming from ‘Dependant’ morality which we are practicing are nothing but the perverts and poor repressed souls.