10/10/10-make it a memorable day..


10/10/10 must be a memorable day because it already has 3 ten pointers in it.I would like it to be most memorable day in my life by attainnig ten pointers on three fronts in my life-

1.A ten pointer on the scale of consciousness-

All misery disappears with the consciousness just as darkness vanishes with the emergence of light.Even a small candle can throw away the eternal darkness.In the same way, even a bit of consciousness can throw away all the misery in the life.To be a ten pointer on the scale of consciousness is a good way to make the day memorable.

2.A ten pointer on the scale of meditation-

Meditation the most needed yet the most neglected thing.Meditation is nothing but the sharpening the tool.The tool of consciousness.Life will be really bliss if meditation is considered as one of the basic needs.Meditation frees us from all the traps of our own psychology of which we a frequent prays.Meditation gives the vision to cut all the circles of illusion in the life.

3.A ten pointer on the scale of love-

Love is the thread that holds together all the pearls of this life.It is the lubricant which maintains flow of the life.Love is the bliss, love is the joy.Flowers blossom for the love birds sing for the love.The whole eternal game runs for the love.

A 10/10 score on all these fronts is enough to make whole life a memorable journey along with the 10/10/10.

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