Category: philosophy

  • Maintaining the Balance Between Preparation and Performance

    What prevents us from starting? Our everyday life can be broken down in two sets of activities. These two sets are preparing and executing. Just for the sake of an example, let us assume that I am a painter. In this case, the first part, preparing, consists of all the hard work, practice, experiments that […]

  • The Art of Communication

    What is Communication? Communication is a necessity. Many times, communication is just a habit- which you cannot give up. Sometimes, communication can be used to mislead others, glorify yourself, to unnecessarily panic others. To master the art of communication, one must understand why he wants to communicate. What is the true and honest intention behind […]

  • Watchmen, car and the salutes : The Fragile Respect

    I always wondered what earns you respect. When you respect a person, what is actually respected? Is it the person? Or his car? His tablet? His cellphone? His clothes? I noticed how fragile respect is a few days ago. As one can observe around, the number of security guards has gone up spirally in last […]

  • Salman Rushdie- Redefining respect

    Universally, almost all the human beings want respect. Respect is the ultimate thing which everyone is running after. We can see people around us running after different things- right from physical power to political powers. People around us always try to acquire at least one of the items from this list- money, power, knowledge etc., […]

  • Do you want to sustain?

    When someone from completely different field enters some other field, he looks at the things in a totally different perspective. I am in somewhat similar position. I never took efforts to read typical corporate literature. Somehow, I am trying to make myself comfortable with all these terms. The result is, I end up interpreting the […]

  • Disturbances are needed

    All human beings will agree on one point without any exception. The point is, there should be no disturbances in the life.Many people are often in support of disturbances stating that they help you to excel in life. But, they also accept that after these initial days of struggle and education are over, there should […]

  • Nothing good, nothing bad

    A few days ago, got a chance to read a wonderful book written by the master Osho. The book had in it one very wonderful statement- “In life, there are no good decisions and bad decisions. There are only wise decisions and fool decisions.” I was shocked by this out of earth understanding. Yes, in […]

  • Accept whatever comes

    Life is never in a fixed way or patterns. everything is uncertain, everything is momentous. To accept life in its totality is the true acceptance. This acceptance gives you key to remain blissful in whatever situation comes. We are not good acceptors. We go on demanding. To accept things which come in the way requires […]

  • Do we solve the questions?

    I remember one beautiful statement from Osho. Osho says, the question which can be answered is not the real the real question. A true question can never be answered. If we get answer for a question, the only conclusion is that the question was bogus. It was either a superficial question or a superficial answer […]

  • Osho Insight:Things just happen……

    I remember a very wonderful and also truthful statement from famous mystic, Osho. Osho says, “A rose flower cannot say that it blooms the roses; if it could say so, it would also have been able to bloom lilies. ” This single statement, in a single blow flushes out all the ego that we have. […]