The Art of Communication

What is Communication?

Communication is a necessity. Many times, communication is just a habit- which you cannot give up. Sometimes, communication can be used to mislead others, glorify yourself, to unnecessarily panic others.

To master the art of communication, one must understand why he wants to communicate. What is the true and honest intention behind communicating?

You get it? Most of us commit a mistake at this very first step. I know many bloggers around where they pretend their blog is to help users, but it actually aims at glorification of the blogger himself. If there is a conflict between what you stand for and what you pretend to stand for, communication can never happen.

First step towards communication

If you ever visit Seth Godin’s Blog, you will experience what mastery over communication means. The reason Seth has achieved this mastery is, he is well aware of why he is communicating. The first step towards art of communication is to identify your purpose and honestly stick to it. His blog is simple yet full of wisdom. I think he is a great communicator because he conveys his point very well.

As I understand, love is the first step towards communication. You cannot communicate something if you do not love the message or the recipient. What made Osho a great communicator? The list is quite long, but the most important point is his love with the message and also the recipients- his disciples. 

Breaking the Barriers

A communicator is successful if he can take his readers or listeners out of closed boxes which they already have ready in their minds. We do not listen what the communicator says. We always listen what we want to listen. Hence, if you are able to take your readers out of their boxes, communication is easier, quicker and precise. In case of a master like Osho, the moment you look into his eyes, your mind drops and communication happens. Those who do not have this magic, they find out their own ways. I have attended many corporate workshops where trainers wear funny, strange or pompous clothes just to amuse their readers and to take them out of their compartments.

This method is as shallow as the trainers themselves- it can not penetrate deep. Many times, the message disappears in the noise of this show.

We can certainly see a tend around where communicators try to be flashy, catchy to attract their recipients. Somewhere, the art of communication is becoming more and more fishy, a field of manipulation and pretension.  Communication is more about honesty and less about pretension.

The long way

This might sound strange, impractical and too ideal to the communicators around. The correct way might be a slow and less glamorous way; but it serves the purpose- of bringing a change.






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    Abhishek G.

    What have you stated about the intention behind communication is very true!

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