Osho Insight:Things just happen……

I remember a very wonderful and also truthful statement from famous mystic, Osho. Osho says,

“A rose flower cannot say that it blooms the roses; if it could say so, it would also have been able to bloom lilies. ”

This single statement, in a single blow flushes out all the ego that we have. It just wipes out the feeling- ‘I do…….’ We do things but are we really doing it? Or they are just happening? On the same line, I remember one statement by Kahlil Gibran in which he says that we do not give birth to children; they are born through us.

When I observe life or witness life closely, I realize the reality of all above statements. Things go on happening. We do not cause them to happen. Human ego says that it is responsible for everything. Human ego says that it is the doer of all the thing. But, things are just happening. Things are not bad or good. Things are not sane or insane. Humans add them these labels. In nature, nothing is good or bad. In nature, there is no virtue and there is no vice.

On the same line, I remember one more mystic, Tilopa. Tilopa says,

“In life, when there is nothing bad and when there is nothing good, there is nothing to be desired and nothing to be avoided.”

We humans play the game of desiring and  avoiding things. We do so because, for us something is good and something is bad. Human life will be simplified a lot if we remember a simple thing- Things just happen. We do nothing. Whatever happens is neither good nor bad. Do not avoid anything and do not desire for anything.

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  1. ninad Avatar

    every statement of mystics is a koan…

  2. sachin Avatar

    should we not then avoid alcohol,drugs,speaking false,cheating,robbing,prostitution…?

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