Osho : The Master

Osho can be said to be the most controversial man who ever walked on this earth. He has shaken the entire belief system which society keeps on constructing. He freed humans in true sense- he freed them from all the dead beliefs, phony fears, programming and conditioning, greed, hatred, anger and what not.

To be very honest, if you read Osho intellectually, you are bound to find him to be some one who speaks very controversial and contradictory. It can be seen that Osho has contradicted himself many times in different books. But, if one reads Osho keeping his brain aside, with a little trust and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthe honest intention of transforming oneself, all the contradictions simply disappear.

Osho always used simplest possible language and conveyed truth in the funniest way. No enlightened master took so much of efforts to spread the truth.

While reading Osho for past many years, and while trying to OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAgive my hands in his hands and walking along with him, I certainly have some gems to share with you. I hope you will enjoy reading them.

Osho on Zen

Osho was a master of all the paths- from Tantra to Zen. Zen OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcan be said to be the most revolutionary thing that has happened in the world of spirituality. Osho loved the way of Zen. Many of his discourse series were specific to Zen. Many authors have touched this topic of Zen, but no one with the authenticity which Osho has. Reason is, Osho is not an ordinary scholar but a master.

osho zen doctorsOsho has spoken on many Zen masters and their unique ways of showing the path to their disciples. I will try to share some of those insights here, so that you enjoy them!


osho zen right timeThis section is not static, but dynamic with fresh content being added on a regular basis. Keep on checking this section for more Zen insights from Osho .

Osho Insights

Enlightened beings are beyond thoughts are hence, their vision is not limited or fragmented by thoughts. Many times, they come up with striking bold insights which a common man is impossible to come up with. These insights from Osho are scattered throughout his hundreds of books. I am doing a simple job of picking them up and sharing them here- so that it is easier to find and read them.

osho on ego


5 responses to “Osho”

  1. Rucha Avatar

    Hello Mandar, I find it hard to believe on his sayings or stories..though they are interesting and seem spiritual there is less reality in his words… he z a man of experiment not a man of thought who understands things before any experiment or “hurting” another self. You should experiment until you are not hurting another but if it is other way round I don’t find spirituality in it.. It is not that I am saying this intellectually but consciously!!!

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Dear Rucha,
      Thanks for dropping the comment. I certainly understand your point. The point of hurting, which you mentioned, I am not quite clear what do you mean by to ‘hurt’. My experience is, Osho has taken me to a place where I cannot be hurt nor can I hurt others but the thing is, there are certain people who like getting hurt; again, it is very person specific.

      Many times, people get hurt on their own. I am not aware of anyone who was hurt because of Osho, but certainly, I am open to give a thought if you have something contrary to share! 🙂


  2. Rucha Avatar

    Thank You for your reply. His articles contradict themselves. Getting “hurt” is simply getting hurt. When you ditch someone in any kind or way it is that you are hurting someone. I ll tell you my own incident. A man named persuaded me for a job. I went for an interview just to find he is a big flirt and a cheat who i don’t know from where collected all my personal information and revealed it on my face to impress me. Being skeptic I was least impressed. But by that time I read many articles of Osho… regarding love and trust. As there effect prevailed I tried to trust him as a good man who would really help me to get a good job so I messaged him once again to meet me and tell me the truth how he collected all my information and to sort out everything. But again I found the same flirting attitude of him towards me. He did not tell me anything about how he got my information but simply tried to lure me with flaunting compliments and asked me to trust him..to trust him at least once “if you want to do something in life you have to take risk of trusting some one just come sit in the car and i ll take you to kamshet for a lavish job. Until n unless u take a risk you can not grow… u can not go ahead in life..if today you come with me you will become altogether a diff person but if you don’t you ll remain where you are.” were that man’s words. I found them similar to Osho…even he says to go beyond conscience you have to utilize your conscience fully… go beyond your fear found both the things coinciding. Osho’s words “if you trust a person trust his betrayal as well accept it as you accept his love.” stroked my mind.. i was about to get inside his car but…. i stopped…. I thought what i am doing….. my heart and mind said more than trusting osho trust your inner voice “GOD” resides within…not outside. Not in Osho!! I resisted going with him.

    After this incidence one fine day i came to know…. this man named “Ravindra Kulkarni” is a big shot rapist who supplies girls to Arabia and has duped many girls n women after gaining their trust is the most wanted criminal by police. To confirm about him you can just type his name with little caption n u may get the news about him.

    I saved myself by not applying OSHO’s philosophy.

  3. Rucha Avatar

    More than his unrealistic/ misleading approach I feel below lines and people are much more reliable:

    जो प्रेम समाज की प्रगति और व्यक्ति के विकास का सहायक नहीं बन सकता वह निरर्थक है.यही सत्य है. इसके अलावा प्रेम के बारे में कहानियों में जो कुछ कहा गया है, कविताओँ में जो कुछ लिखा गया है, पत्रिकाओं में जो कुछ छापा गया है, वह सब रंगीन झूठ है और कुछ नहीं.
    धर्मवीर भारती.

    Nuptial love maketh mankind; friendly love perfecteth it; but wanton love corrupteth, and embaseth it.
    Francis Bacon

  4. Rucha Avatar

    इस रूमानी प्रेम का महत्व है, पर मुसीबत यहाँ है की वह कच्चे मन का प्यार होता है, उसमें साहस और परिपक्वता नहीं होती जो इसके सपनों को स्वस्थ सामाजिक सम्बन्ध में बदल सके. और जो भी भावना हमारे सामाजिक जीवन की खाद नहीं बन सकती, ज़िन्दगी उसे झाड़ झंखाड़ की तरह उखाड़ फेंकती है.
    धर्मवीर भारती

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