Osho on Zen – Do not wait for right time

Insights of Osho on Zen are the answers for the common questions which all of us encounter, everyday in our lives. These questions which we encounter, are not necessarily spiritual in nature. They can be related to our day to day life.Insights of Osho on Zen are the answers to all these questions.
One of the common questions which always trouble any seeker is, should he wait for the right time or he should just keep on trying? This question seems like something very easy and not worth giving attention. But, those who walk the way of spirituality, many of them are constantly contemplating on the question mentioned above. Should we keep trying? Or should we wait for the Buddha Nature inside us to manifest itself?

Osho on Zen
Osho on Zen

Many of the Zen monks have mentioned that wait for the right time and the true nature, which is the nature of a Buddha will manifest itself. So, a seeker is confused. Should he continue with his practices? Osho has answered this question in one of his books on Zen. Osho tells us that right time has already come. It is true that Buddha and many more Zen masters have said that the right time will come. Osho says, in this statement, the tricky part is, they are not talking about future but present. So, the right time is coming every moment. Each moment, remember that this is the right time. If we keep on waiting for some right time in the future, we are unnecessarily delaying the manifestation.
Last word of Buddha was Sammasati- The right remembrance. This last word of Buddha is also in resonance with what Osho says. Buddha has also asked to always remember that we are a Buddha. This is quite in tune with commentary of Osho on Zen. Keep remembering- This is the right time. This is the right moment for you. Buddha nature can manifest at this moment.
Whenever I go through any commentary of Osho on Zen, I get some answer. It has never happened that I did not get an answer, this itself shows that every moment is the right moment.

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