What wealth can do?

I remember today a beautiful story, told by Osho, which can be a fact also. The story beautifully tells what money can do and what money can not. A major misconception which we find in the society is, a man with money is a man free from sorrow. A wealthy man is always untouched by the sorrows of the world, is what is generally believed. Wealth has its own limitations.

A millionaire business was on his death bed. He was lying on the verge of his death. Wealth of all the worlds was at his feet. Rothschild was the name of this businessman. This Rothschild was counting last moments of his life. All his life he ran after the wealth. He earned a huge amount of wealth through enormous efforts. For his entire life, he believed that someday, this wealth will finish all of my sorrows. Today, on his death bed, he wanted to tell the truth to his son. He wanted to tell his son the limitations of his wealth.

“You see my son? all my life I was busy in earning my wealth. Today, I want to tell you the truth. Wealth cannot end you sorrows. You can have wealth but you will still have sorrows.”

The son was wiser than the father. He silently replied,

“I know dad, what wealth can do. A poor man also has sorrows and a rich man also. But, the rich man can select which sorrows he has to suffer from.”

This is the virtue of wealth. It cannot make you free from sorrow. It just gives you freedom of selecting your own sorrows. No wealth in this world can make you free from sorrows.

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