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  • The ‘Headless Rower’ of Sant Kabir

    The ‘Headless Rower’ of Sant Kabir

    नैय्या मोरी नीके नीके चालन लागी आँधी मेघा, कछु ना व्यापेचढ़े संत बड़ भागी।नैया मोरी नीके नीके चालन लागी। – संत कबीर Different paths point towards the same truth. The Zen masters talk of ‘no-mind’, Nisargadatta Maharaj talks of ‘death of mind’. Krishnamurti talks about a state where observer is the observed. All these masters […]

  • Interview: Tabla Maestro Nishikant Barodekar

    For a long time, I wanted to interview this radiant and joyful Tabla Maestro, Nishikant Barodekar. I heard him first when he accompanied Rakesh Chaurasia at a concert in Pune. What a coincidence it was! I, my wife Dakshayani, Rakesh ji and Nishikant Barodekar- all of us came out together from the parking area. As […]

  • Power or No Power?

    I stumbled upon a very interesting quote, by Homi J. Bhabha, which he made much ahead of the time. The quote is about power, made by this genius scientist from India around 20 years ago. Bhabha made this comment when someone argued that nuclear power was too costly and hence India should not go for […]

  • The magic of relaxed control

    Generally, people look at life in two different ways. They either assume that everything which happens around is for the sake of good, inevitable and cannot be changed or they assume that everything around us can be and needs to be changed. On the occasions of different talks, given to different audiences, I always receive […]

  • Pt. Nityanand Haldipur – Silencing the mind

    When I meet music lovers around, I always have one question ready for them. The question is, “Why do you listen to music?” Of course, every person has a unique answer. Some of them listen to music to forget their worries and hassles of the life. Some of them have approach of a learner- they […]

  • Do you want to sustain?

    When someone from completely different field enters some other field, he looks at the things in a totally different perspective. I am in somewhat similar position. I never took efforts to read typical corporate literature. Somehow, I am trying to make myself comfortable with all these terms. The result is, I end up interpreting the […]

  • Osho : The poor story teller

    Many times, you find gems where you expect least to find them. As they say it rightly, diamonds are found in coal mines. In India, a local proverb rightly says that lotuses flower in mud. Same was my reaction when I found a nice statement in a very artificial and cunning write-up which was a […]

  • The ultimate method

    Whenever I need genuine meaning and authentic commentary on works of any of the saints, I try to find out what Osho says about the person. He has the ability to understand and put in words what the saint exactly wanted to say. The tragedy is, we can only read the works of many great […]

  • Dogen – The Zen Master

    The way of Zen has given the world many unique masters. Zen flowered and blossomed without limits. Many Zen Masters have attained the peaks of consciousness and helped hundreds of their disciples to attain the same. Zen is so unique, so alive. Osho tells us about the Zen Master Dogen. Like all other Zen masters, […]

  • Find your focus

    A long night of thoughtfulness gives me many answers. I love night because it answers my questions. Not all, but even a few questions being answered is enough for me. I don’t want all of the rains, a few soothing drops satisfy me. For whom I live this life? This was the long question which […]