3 Eternal Basic Needs.

The spiritual progress of man basically is based on three factors.The first one is presence of an enlightened master, second one is presence or availability of a commune and the third one is your very inner nature.In Buddhist  tradition, these three are respectively termed as Buddha,Sangha and Dharma.

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There is one similarity between Gautam Buddha and Osho.Bith of these two worked on all these three levels.We have seen many masters who were enlightened.But none of them were effective or influential as these two masters were.The reason lies in the fact that these two masters took care of all these three needs.Buddha,Sangha and Dharma have a very crucial purpose which can be explained as follows-

1. Buddha-Buddha is the most important thing.It is presence of Buddha which gives magical touch to both Sangha and Dharma.It can be easily seen that when a master is gone,the charisma of  his commune is gone.All the meditations,techniques are useful if they are done with the master.They are otherwise also useful but presence of master gives them a magical touch which has the ability to transform.

2.Sangha- Sangha can be called as a commune or a collection of people who are on the path .In these days what we generally lack is company of seekers.If thousands or even hundreds of seekers are at a place,the plce gets a beauty, a vibe which proves to be much beneficial in the spiritual progress.

3.Dharma- Dharma is your very basic nature.With the help of Buddha and Sangha, you have to find your Dharma.I am not saying that you have to improvise or you have to make your Dharma better.Dharma is your basic nature.It is always pure.What is needed is to rediscover your Dharma.When one attains to his Dhrama, He himself  is a Buddha who should again have a Sangha and should help others to discover their Dharma.

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