Disturbances are needed

All human beings will agree on one point without any exception. The point is, there should be no disturbances in the life.Many people are often in support of disturbances stating that they help you to excel in life. But, they also accept that after these initial days of struggle and education are over, there should be no disturbances. People those who have successfully overcome all the struggles in their lives often appreciate the role of disturbances in life of a person but will soon become sad if they themselves encounter any disturbance in their life.

The fact is, disturbances are the integral part of human lives. Apart from this, they play many important roles to improve quality of many aspects of life. Disturbances may be mental also. An idea which goes against your conditioned mind is alos a disturbance. A mental disturbance is also needed as it hammers out the dust of conditioning on our minds.

Whenever we believe in some predefined idea, it means that we are going away from our own consciousness. A mental disturbance shatters such ideas and brings you back to your consciousness. Osho used to say that he liked to disturb people. The reason is very simple. When people have ready made religions with them, ready made moralities with them, each human is reduced to a fool following rule books. To make these fools humans, disturbances are needed.






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