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  • Teenagers, Respect and Indian Classical Music

    Teenagers, Respect and Indian Classical Music

    Three years ago, I and Dakshayani were quite frustrated this time of the year. Very enthusiastically, we had appointed 3 teachers under Baithak Foundation to teach at our three partner schools. This was a very concrete step to take Indian Classical Music to kids from underprivileged backgrounds.  Through lot of ground work in the communities […]

  • What prevents us from creating a safe and harmonious society?

    What prevents us from creating a safe and harmonious society?

    Social media is full of cries; cries of people like you and me saying that India is no more a safe place to live. The same feeling of fear, insecurity and vulnerability exists among people everywhere, irrespective of the country in which they live. The feeling might exist at different extents; in some countries it […]

  • Why do writers write? Something to keep in mind while reading stuff online

    Suddenly, writing and publishing have become so easy. Writing something and getting it published was so difficult a few decades ago; and look around now – there are writers, bloggers scattered all around us, all striving for getting eyeballs and attention. As I observe, if you use any social network, you are bound to stumble […]

  • When You Become a ‘Senior’

    Being a senior puts a lot of responsibilities and opportunities on your shoulders. Most of the times, we en-cash the opportunities and forget the responsibilities. I experienced similar behavior from some seniors, few weeks ago and thought of sharing something on being a matured senior. One day or the other, all of us will pass […]

  • Are Our Religious Rituals Just Placebos?

    The way science is evolving, is quite interesting to have a look at. Many things, which we were told were useless, are again being proven to be correct. I am afraid to say, religious rituals are probably one of them. Before we actually dig into this stuff, we should first take out a minute to […]

  • The Hope – with Bernie

    The Hope – with Bernie

    Recently following the Presidential campaign in US has been both devastating and alluring. We in India are used to political campaigns which mostly run on emotions (mostly false), attachments and associations (mostly untrue) and a whole gamut of drama in the name of equality, freedom and secularism. Reading articles, watching campaign videos and Democratic debates […]

  • Center of Decentralization

    We speak about decentralization and empowering multiple stake holders to enhance impact of any kind of work that we plan to do. We may be working in an office or in a village on a project. We keep saying that we need people to own processes, outcomes and impact. We also often find it difficult […]

  • Freedom and Sensitivity: Two Values That Make Our Existence Meaningful

    After many days, I am successful at taking out some time to write. We need a whole lot of things to live our lives. We need followers, critics, praise, freedom, trust and many more things to live our life. What will happen if someone starts taking them out from your life one by one? I […]

  • What Makes Our Dream of Equality unfeasible?

    It seems, everyone wants equality. Many voices are being raised against inequalities of different kinds- financial, gender based, racial and what not. If one carefully observes social media, the number of voices who advocate or care for equality is going up. These voices are becoming louder and bolder. Many times, one can see a lot […]

  • What Will India Look Like in 2061?

    I came across an interesting book which compiles the views and thoughts of around 20 leaders from different fields about what India will look like in 2061. The people who have shared their thoughts are no ordinary people, but stalwarts from sectors as varied as education, retail, IT, communication, pharma etc. This book proved to […]