A Voyage to the Moon

Bonsai Moon

The tendency of enjoying anything when we get it free is really very dangerous. Just now people were asked if they get free voyage to moon,will they go or not? As it was expected the answer was yes of course.The only reason for the answer being yes was the trip was offered free.

This is very subtle human psychology.Now what one is going to do on moon?Moon has nothing.No trees, no animals.Just a deserted piece of land.There are two main factors to be considered.

1.Man loves far away things

2.Man loves things which he does not love when they are offered for free.

A person from a deserted area somehow with his camel reached north pole.He now realized how difficult it was to have a camel there.No food and the poor camel could not even walk on ice.So,to get rid of him he decided to sell it.But no one was ready to buy a camel.So he made it free.A man came within no time to have it.Later,it is heard that all the money that man had vanished in maintaining the camel.

So my question is,

Why to go to the moon if we cannot be present totally on earth???

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