Arti Ankalikar in CoEP and Hariprasad Chaurasia-Different Attitudes

SPICMACAY is an organization which organizes concerts of various maestros across India for students to spread awareness about Indian Classical Music. Yesterday,we had Arti Ankalikar Tikekar in our college auditorium under the banner of SPICMACAY. I had a glimpse of how two people behave differently, how two giants act differently. Please note that I am not criticizing anyone, but telling the facts.

After Arti Ankalikar sang a Raga and a Chaiti, she declared that the concert was concluded. A boy from the masses just requested her to sing her famous song, ‘Mi Radhika’ . It was the song to which student had come to listen. Arti Ankalikar said, who is the boy named Radhika here, and please listen to the record. When one of the organizers requested, she sang just 2 lines for half a minute.

I had an opportunity to listen to Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasua in Pune a few months ago. He performed Miya Malhar and Des and then had a look at his watch. Hariji said, “One minute is still remaining. Please tell me what you want to listen to. I will play it for you.” Some one from the crowd shouted Raga Hansdhwani and Hariji played it for 10 minutes.

This is not an attempt to criticize Arti Ankalikar, but, the humbleness of Hariji really touches my heart. He cares so much for his audience even he is so busy and also, so much tired.

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    You have a way of presenting sheer truth …

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