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  • How (some)Startups are Creating a Whole Generation of Disloyal Customers

    Startups are good for economy. Startups are good for buyers. Startups are good for everyone in the society. Startups have immense potential of creating local employment and absorbing local talent. Startups also give a lot of business to local small scale vendors. Because of startups, buyers get a wide variety and highly customized product, catering […]

  • Why Snapdeal (or even Flipkart or Amazon) can never unbox your life and what should one do to really unbox it!

    Sometimes, especially when I am really tired or bored, I do enjoy watching action movies. It is a deliberate effort to help the brain to relax. For past few weeks, I can sense the aggressive advertisements and campaigns run by different e-tailers to empty out the pockets of customers as deeply as possible on the […]

  • What Do We Need? ‘Startups’ or ‘Smartups’?

    What Do We Need? ‘Startups’ or ‘Smartups’?

    Last weekend, I was invited to conduct a full day session for co-founders of 22 startups, coming from the different parts of the country. The purpose of the session was enabling them to fine-tune their business plans which they would be presenting to potential investors after three days of intensive training. All the co-founders had […]

  • The Downside of Apps and On-Demand Economy

    I was in Hyderabad last week, sitting in my cab, insulated from the pollution all around me. The cab was air conditioned, had picked me up from a fancy apartment where we were staying and was supposed to drop me at the Salar Jung museum. Everything sounds great, except the fact that the Uber cab […]

  • The idea of Impact

    To define it is actually difficult to experience it is very easy and I say this from an experience. While speaking about social organizations we come across the tough question of measuring their impact. When faced by this question we discuss quantitative and qualitative parameters which can evaluate the work of the organization.  We also […]

  • Center of Decentralization

    We speak about decentralization and empowering multiple stake holders to enhance impact of any kind of work that we plan to do. We may be working in an office or in a village on a project. We keep saying that we need people to own processes, outcomes and impact. We also often find it difficult […]

  • The Fastest Way of…..(Probably Fooling Yourself!)

    The fastest way of learning is not the best way of learning. The fastest way of driving is not the best way of driving. The fastest way of teaching is not the best way of teaching. The fastest way of shaving is not the best way of shaving. The fastest way of ……….. is not […]

  • The Reverse Car Parking Strategy- Golden Way to Increase Productivity

    We can learn a lot from observing and understanding how people park their cars. Normally, there are two possible ways in which you can park your car; one is your car faces the wall and the other is, you park it in reverse so that the back of the car faces the wall. What is […]