The Fastest Way of…..(Probably Fooling Yourself!)

The fastest way of learning is not the best way of learning.
The fastest way of driving is not the best way of driving.
The fastest way of teaching is not the best way of teaching.
The fastest way of shaving is not the best way of shaving.

The fastest way of ……….. is not the best way of ……….

I hope you agree. Then why do people look for fastest way of attaining anything or doing something?
Over the period, we have become very smart at identifying needs, coming up with a product or service to fill the gap and market it aggressively. The reason I realized this so gravely is the following Twitter notification which I got today morning:

The Fastest way

Soon after reading this tweet, I acknowledged the human urge or tendency of doing things faster. I do not know, what makes us so time conscious but one thing is for sure- today, we want everything to be done quickly; let it be profits in my new start-up or awakening my Kundalini.
For the sake of it, let us not enter the debate, whether something like Kundalini exists or not. Let us assume that it exists. Come with me a step ahead and believe that it needs to be awakened. I am not bothered about people trying to awaken and raise their Kundalini but I am certainly amused by people who claim they can do it faster. Why do we consider fastest way of awakening Kundalini (or anything for that matter) to be better than the best way of doing that thing?
When a tutor comes up with a super-fast method of teaching a course, he can make more money. When a BPO comes up with a super-fast way of answering complaints over telephone, they are making more money. Similarly, when someone comes up with a fast way of awakening Kundalini, can we assume that he wants to make more money?
When we choose the fastest way, we are going away from the best way. It is quite disheartening to see folks speeding on the fastest ways. Things which are worthy to be made can never be made out of the fastest way. Things which are worth attaining, can never be attained by following the fastest way.
Whenever you think of starting something, always ask yourself this question- ‘Do I want to make something which will make a difference?’
If your answer is yes, you better take the best way, not the fastest way. This is brutal and honest truth- the fastest way is the fastest way of fooling yourself.
Sadly, in our lives, we always choose the fast ways and not the best ways of doing anything.

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