The Reverse Car Parking Strategy- Golden Way to Increase Productivity

reverse car parking strategy
The Reverse Car Parking Strategy

We can learn a lot from observing and understanding how people park their cars. Normally, there are two possible ways in which you can park your car; one is your car faces the wall and the other is, you park it in reverse so that the back of the car faces the wall.

What is advantage or disadvantage of parking your car in any of these two ways? It is pretty clear that parking car in such a way that it faces the wall takes much lesser time than parking it in the reverse way. This very well justifies the fact that almost 99% of people park their car in such a way that it faces the wall.

On the other hand, when you have to leave, a car parked in the reverse way comes out straight within no time whereas the car which we park hurriedly, facing the wall takes some time.

Which way of parking is preferred over the other?

When I gave this a thought, I realized that usually, when we are not in hurry, we should always spend some time and park the car in the reverse way; because if any emergency comes, you can take it out within a moment. Honestly, we always try to finish things up as soon as possible and do not spend extra time doing them in proper way. And we often pay the cost of this unjustified hurry in case of emergency.

Hence, as a strategy, we should always park our car in reverse way. This does not stop here; we can apply this philosophy to almost any work which we do- right from pointing down the minutes of a meeting to proper filing.

Consider an example of filing papers on time. Most of us simply stack the important papers where we can find space- in drawers, on tables, in random files and folders. And then, one day, suddenly we are asked for some paper out of the bundle of dozens of such dis-organized paper and we can hardly find it.

Same holds true for labeling emails and transferring downloaded files to their respective folders.

I remember one incidence from my own life. I was working on very important Excel document and just out of sheer laziness, instead of using ‘save as’ option, I just randomly saved it in some random folder with some default random name. I was on vacation for few days after that. After coming back, I never needed that file. Almost three months later, I was urgently asked for some data which was tabulated in that Excel and as you can imagine, I was totally blank and clueless. After spending four hours, I could find that file!

But, had I saved the document with a proper name and at the proper location, it would have saved all the trouble.

The reverse car parking strategy taught me one very important thing- if you have time, do your work in such a way and to such an extent that it will be available within no time during emergency!







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  1. Darshan Avatar

    even i had a similar experience. whenever i used to organise my stuff i used to realise most of us have a tendency of accumulating unwanted things. In our life we often tend to do same thing. we keep accumulating unwanted thoughts and memories which are not useful.

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Dear Darshan,

      I totally agree.

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