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  • Teenagers, Respect and Indian Classical Music

    Teenagers, Respect and Indian Classical Music

    Three years ago, I and Dakshayani were quite frustrated this time of the year. Very enthusiastically, we had appointed 3 teachers under Baithak Foundation to teach at our three partner schools. This was a very concrete step to take Indian Classical Music to kids from underprivileged backgrounds.  Through lot of ground work in the communities […]

  • Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia in Pune Festival 2013

    Generally, in India, Kerala is considered to be god’s own land. For me, Pune is gods’ own land. Of course, my context is totally different. Kerala, one of the most beautiful states in India is blessed with incomparable natural beauty. Pune has its own reasons to be called as gods’ own land. Pune is gods’ […]

  • Is Pune that bad?

    Every person loves the place where he has been brought up. All the humans love their native places. People in life shift to better cities but still, they miss something which they find at their native place only. This is true with almost all of people. We wrongly judge cities due to attachments, emotions and […]