Is Pune that bad?

Every person loves the place where he has been brought up. All the humans love their native places. People in life shift to better cities but still, they miss something which they find at their native place only.

This is true with almost all of people. We wrongly judge cities due to attachments, emotions and sentiments. I have lived in near about dozens of cities. I have no native place of mine. I have been a wandering fellow. 3 Years is the maximum period which I have spent in any city, excluding Pune where I have beeb staying now since 4 years.

I have right to anwer this question correctly. Because, I was a stranger in every city. I was just a temporary visitor of all the cities in which I lived. It is a trend in the Nagpur region to blame Pune and people from Pune city. They can blame anything in Pune.

I today start thinking about what each city in which I lived gave me. One thing for sure is, everywhere you get same, you take differently an different places. I have been thinking so steadily over the topic but still, Pune wins my heart.

Why? Am I being biased? To be honest, I am not.

In all other cities, I stayed for about 17 years. I could never hear live Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Shivkumar Sharma, Jasraj, Zakir Hussain and such musicians. In Pune, they come many times an year to pour out the joy. I could read books of Mangesh Padgaonkar in Nagpur, but in Pune, I got an opportunity to be with him for one night and a day and have dinner and lunch.

I get all the books I want in Pune. In other cities in which I lived, I do not think there is any possibility. I got such friends in Pune, those are 30 years older to me, very busy and very successful and yet, they leave everything aside when I visit them and even come on a hill nearby to listen to my flute.

Pune is superb.





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  1. Sumit Kulkarni Avatar
    Sumit Kulkarni

    Pune’s weather is ultimate. It is nowhere else in India.
    Adequate rain, bearable summer and winter.

    Books, Art and Artist, separate it from others !

  2. Siddharth Avatar

    Leaving weather aside, Nothing in Pune is good, I have to call my dad back home to buy books and courier me .

    cops are rude for no reason,

    people just want money here and don’t want to work.

    1. Tapuda Avatar

      yes, I have been is hyd, they are not money oriented they are happy with there life’s and they are helpful as well. Here in pune its totally opposite. Ppl want to loot you at every step, cheat you.Wants take money for no reason. Any kind services are of bad quality and charges are more.

  3. Onkar Deshpande Avatar
    Onkar Deshpande

    I agree with you Mandar… Pune is really a nice place to stay and settle. I dont have experience of other cities like you… but I stayed in Mumbai Suberb Kalyan and I always feel how people can spend their whole life travelling in Mumbai local… but still I say I love Mumbai too… 😉 Its their lifeline… one more thing I like about Mumbai is food… if you are foodie then I am damn sure you will miss Mumbai…no matter where you are living in world… be it Pune or LA… haha 🙂

  4. Suyog Sarda Avatar
    Suyog Sarda

    Nagpur is far far better than Pune. Attitude of Pune people is not good at all. Pune is far behind in terms of job opportunities. Once it was seen next IT hub after Bangalore. But Hyderabad went far ahead of Pune, all thanks to stubborn attitude of Pune people. Pune people don’t respect their great legacy, visible from flyover construction infront of COEP. Sad that inspite of having potential to be great city, it is far behind in terms of development. No proper public transport, Bangalore is far superior. No big IT companies – Hyderabad went far ahead of Pune inspite of starting late. Even the auto industries are moving out of Pimpri Chinchwad, chakan, etc. Cost of living same as Bangalore – Hyderabad is cheaper. Pune people don’t accept outsiders easily, Bangalore and Hyderabad are true cosmo cities. Even Nagpur accepts outsiders easily. In short – Lots of potential wasted in Pune.

    1. Krishna Avatar

      If potential is being wasted in Pune , why do international fast food chains like Starbucks, dunkin donuts open here? Why do Mercedes , Volkswagen and many other auto giants have manufacturing plants here? Why do international firms have their companies here? We get all of these things before Hyderabad or Bangalore and Nagpur . So yeah Pune IS better than these cities.

      1. Tapuda Avatar

        hyd is more planned city than pune buddy…..

  5. Hermandu Joshi Avatar
    Hermandu Joshi

    That’s so true!!

  6. WorstPune Avatar

    Pune is a worst city. People are rude and always try to quarrel on roads. They are pathetic.

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Hello Mr. Worst Pune!

      Is it a worthy reason to dislike a city? A city is not just the roads and people there. It is much more than that!
      Would love to hear from you!


  7. Bhushan Avatar

    I just love to hate Pune…
    Nothing emotional or personal…
    I have all the logical explanations.
    I also found that a lot of people hate the city and I think there is a need to introspect for Pune lovers.

  8. Subrat Avatar

    @Mandar..A city is known by its people..People here have a lot of attitude & behave rudely after they know that you are not a marathi..i keep them referring as Aap & the person responds shamelessly as tu!!

    1. ss613 Avatar


    2. Hater Avatar

      Very true

  9. Hater Avatar

    Guyz, having worst time with Pune team members!! Rudest, arrogant people I have encountered in life… Worst phone etiquettes and what else..

  10. Rutul Thorat Avatar
    Rutul Thorat

    Actually nagpur is the worst city i have seen so far.Even nagpur people start to hate nagpur when then come to Pune.Pune is far far far better than nagpur.nagpur doesn’t qualify.even the people of nagpur are rude.Pune is the best city.Punekars are well cultured.Pune is Oxford of east,queen of Deccan,silicon valley,automobile hub and many more.actually cities like nashik,aurangabad,baramati are far more better than nagpur.nagpur don’t have anything.And the language of nagpurkars is just pathetic.PUNE has history and bright future.hyderabad is not as well planned as pune.

    1. Aarti Avatar

      Puneri gavthi.. first learn to speak. Nagpur is a proper metro city. While your stinking pune is just collection of some pathetic villages. Nagpur people treat outsiders with respect while the pune localites are always rude and full of ego. All gaon walas and locals are just gavthi villagers, illiterate who knows only to open tea stalls, vadapav shops, and work like maid n labour.

  11. Aarti Avatar

    Hello …. what are you trying to prove ? To fuk with your gavthi pune and its gavthi people. See how your gaon walas n localites rudely behave with other peoples. Nagpur city is far better than your pune village bunch.

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