Come, sing and dance…

Open those sleepy eyes and just have a glance,

Why keeping away, come sing and dance…

All world is rejoicing, why are you out of tune?

Put hands in hands and just be a commune…..

This world is burning up, you are also a spark,

Just fall down, without holding a single bark…

Bubbles come and burst and go,

just come and give yourself a throw……

In this world, woven out of non existent threads,

Just leave all the trades….

Each drop is evaporating, you are also in the que

Everything will collapse, in the time due…

The boat is already sinking, Dont miss the chance,

Come here at once, come, sing and dance..







3 responses to “Come, sing and dance…”

  1. srushti Avatar

    nice!!! no doubt why she loves u

    1. foram patel Avatar
      foram patel

      i agree wid u!!!!

  2. foram patel Avatar
    foram patel

    i agree wid u srushti!!!

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