Death is life

We experience light only when there is darkness. We can feel the presence of warmth only when there is something cold. We can feel the presence of joy only when there is some sorrow to compare the joy with. In the same way, we experience the presence of life only when death is near us.

By death I do not mean some deterioration or degradation. By death, I mean fear of death, the risk in the life. I remember what Osho has once said-

“You are living only when you are living dangerously.”

Life is a razor’s edge. It is a risky walk. And life is life only when there is some risk. Why to be afraid of risk? I have realized one thing very deeply- In this life, nothing can harm you. In this life, nothing can trouble you. You are living life only when you accept everything in it with totality. If you are selective, you are not living at all. And the ultimate acceptance is acceptance of death. The ultimate surrender is death. The person who can fearlessly accept his death, who can fearlessly accept risk in life lives the life.

Life cannot be lived in comfort zones. Life cannot be felt in warm shells. Life cannot be experienced in air conditioned rooms. It has to felt under the open sky; when you are totally helpless.





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