Desire never fills the glass

If we go on filling something in a glass, the glass will soon be filled completely and we would not be able to add more. In other words, any glass has its capacity. Once it is filled up to that capacity, you cannot fill it more.

This law does not hold true for one particular glass; the glass of desire. Desire is like fire; you go on putting anything, however large it may be, desire will burn it out. If we look at our behavior, not a single desire is fulfilled though we are trying to fulfill it for years. And, if it appears that some desire if fulfilled, then we should not one point- that desire has changed its form. It is now converted into some other desire.

Long ago, when we were children, we had desires which suited that age. We had desire to collect large number of playing pebbles. Now, that desire is transformed onto desire of collecting clothes, mobile handsets, books etc. The point is, this glass of desire is never filled to the brim. The reason for unending desire is, Whenever you add something to the glass of desire, it is not that the glass is filled. The glass becomes bigger instead.





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  1. sachin Avatar

    Mandar,i have heard/read similar words before and now i have read the same words from you too…i understand them and i feel that they are correct,,but still i fall in the trap of desires…what to do?

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