Divine conflict……

The conflict of humanity against divinity is  divine one.Humans are really fortunate at the same time unfortunate.They are fortunate because they can have a glimpse of divine,can have a urge to attain it.At the same time they are unfortunate because as soon as they plan to start the journey,they have their own mechanism which stops them for doing so.This is the real fun.The same truth is being reflected from each and every thing.The whole cosmos echoes the same voice,but we cannot hear it.Even some time we manage to listen it,we pretend that we have not heard.I wonder….why this is so?I myself have observed that even if we start the journey,when we come at the very end of it,something locks up.And no one other is to be blamed for this.This is the coding….done within….the whole game deals with breaking this code.But when you are breaking the code,it is like you killing yourself…because on surface you are nothing but this code.Thats why enlightened one is called Dwija….the one who has taken birth for second time.So,man is really badly trapped.it is a divine plan.To know the divine is also a divine plan.And conflict between these two plans in a human being,is also a divine plan………







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