Drop Drop by Drop

Today, I came across a very wonderful saying by Lao Tsu. Among all the mystics I love, I have a very special love for Lao Tsu. The saying, mentioned in the sacred space is as follows-

In the pursuit of knowledge,

Every day I acquire something……

In pursuit of Tao,

Every day something is dropped………

Once a man visited a Zen mystic and requested the mystic to fill him up with the knowledge. The man first was served with a cup of tea. Handing man the empty cup, the mystic started pouring the tea in this cup. The cup was first filled up to the brim, but the mystic did not stop. Then water started flowing out of the cup and that man shouted-

Drop drop by drop

“The cup is full…It can not contain anything more in it!”  The saint said, you are also full like this cup. First empty yourself and then ask me to fill it up.

The path of truth is not of achieving something or gaining something. It is the path of dropping what you have. To empty yourself totally. Just like a flute…So that the divine wind flows through it.So, drop everything….drop by drop.

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One response to “Drop Drop by Drop”


    SPEECHLESS , thats what u made me !!
    The last line is probably the PUNCH line …………

    What is more surprising to me @ u r posts is the fact that they are so short that just now I start reading them & it immediately ends…………but u know what , this rapid end is the BEGINNING of many ENDLESS thoughts……….

    …..and once again , Mandar , u made me STOP & THINK !!

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